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Assuming the temp gauge stays in the normal range (otherwise check thermostat and associated engine hoses etc).

The heater core has a blockage, Check the heater core hoses that enter the firewall from the engine compartment they both should be warm after the engine warms up if just luke warm you have a heater core/hose blockage- remove the two heater core hoses that enter the firewall from the engine compartment. Remove the blockage by flushing the heater core with fresh water from a garden hose.

AnswerI can't answer the question, but I think I have the same situation. What I've noticed is that if I put the car in neutral and rev the engine (3000+ rpm), hot air will blow from the heater. AnswerYou might check the heater a/c blend door under the dash just to the left of the glove box. This is an electronic controlled door that adjusts the amount of hot and/or cold air coming out of the registers. These are known to fail. AnswerIn the above answer, I ment to say the electronic unit that controls the door can fail. Not necessarily the door itself. AnswerI have a 1999 Ford Taurus with 45,000 miles on it. I bought it new 7 years ago. Last year I had to have the steering rack replaced. Also, last winter my heater stared to give me trouble. It would blow warm air but never get hot. I recently took it to a shop that specializes in radiator and heater repairs, they blew out the heater core and now it is operating as it did when it was new, plenty of heat. It cost me $70 this was the best money that I ever spent.
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Q: Why would the heater in a 99 Ford Taurus SE suddenly stop working?
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Why would headlights windshield wipers and heater blower motor suddenly stop working in 2000 Ford Focus SE?

Check your fuses.

Why would a 96 Taurus wagon heater only blow when running at high RPMs and cool down when idling?

it has a partially clogged heater core.replace the heater core

What would cause the heater in a 1997 Taurus not to work even after you drained the radiator changed thermostat and added new coolant?

the heater core could be pluged or the heater control valve is stuck closed

2001 Ford Taurus leaking antifreeze Passenger floorboard is completely soaked and you are constantly replacing fluid Is it the heater core?

your heater core is leaking i would replace it.

What happens when the heater in the fridge stops working?

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What would cause heater quit working on 1977 Chevy Camaro?

Check fuse if the blower is not working. If it is then replace your heater core. if its not then replace your fan switch.

Why is your heater not working on my 1998 Ford Escort?

It sounds like you have a bad heater core. I would recommend replacing it.

Why would a home heater be blowing cold air?

Only the fan is working, there is no gas burning (gas heater) or the electric heating element is not working(electric heater)Answeris it electric gas or oil Its gas.

How do you replace heater core on 2000 Ford Taurus?

I am very sorry. I was under the impression that if I go to the address bar and ask a question. The answer would be right forecoming. I only asked how to replace the heater core on a 2000 ford taurus. And received only run-arounds.

How would your life change if your automatic nervous system suddenly stopped working?


Where is the engine block heater on a 2001 Ford Taurus?

Yes there is, look under your front license plate, or where one would be if they aren't required in your state. Then go right, there should be a flip open cap covering a plug for the block heater there.That is if your vehicle has one installed - not all Taurus/Sables have an engine block heater.

Why did your heater stop working in your truck?

There could be multiple reasons why a heater would stop working in a truck. There could be low coolant or a bad fuse to make a heater stop working in a truck. The best way to find out the reason is to take it to a certified auto mechanic.

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