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Not familiar with the vehicle, but a generic answer could be a bad relay (assuming they used one) or a bad high-low beam switch. Good luck

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Q: Why would the high beams not work on a 1987 Accord if all fuses are good and the headlights have been replaced?
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Why do my highbeams work but my headlights do not?

The headlights are on two different fuses. The high beams are on one fuse and the low beams are on another fuse. The fuse for the low beams may need to be changed.

Why do my jetta highbeams work but my headlights do not?

The headlights are on two different fuses. The high beams are on one fuse and the low beams are on another fuse. The fuse for the low beams may need to be changed.

Why would your low beams not work if the fuses have been replaced and the headlights have been replaced and the relay box has been checked?

Often it can actually be a faulty turn signal!! As silly as this sounds it is quite common. First thing to do is clean the contacts on the turn signal, if you still get high beams and no low beams you probably need to replace the turn signal switch.

My 98 Chevy Cavalier has no drl low beam headlights but the high beams work I checked the wiring to the headlights 12 volts checked fuses drl relay and replaced column switch. What is wrong?

You didn't mention if you checked/tested the low beam headlamps or not.

93 accord headlights won't come on?

Check your fuses by your left foot in the driver's seat. There is a panel with a bunch of fuses and it could be simply a burnt out fuse!

Can a blown fuse effect just your high beams?

A blown fuse can affect just your high beam headlights. The high beam and low beam headlights are on separate fuses. The separate fuses ensure that you will not lose all of your license at the same time.

Your headlights or radio wont work but high beams do what could be the problem?

have you checked your fuses? it could be as simple as that This is true, there is a separate fuse for the high beams, low beams and radio. Fuses for 1999 LHS are located behind a side panel (drivers side) of the dash next to the steering column. Driver's side door must be open and there is a wiring diagram on this panel.

How do i now which fuse on my 200 Honda civic goes with the high beams or regular headlights?

There is a detachable plastic piece below the coin tray marked "Fuse." If you remove that there should be a clear plastic insert that diagrams the fuses. If yours is missing, the low beam fuses are in the middle row, the two far right fuses. The low beams are on the row with three spare fuses, fourth and fifth from the left. They are all 10A fuses.

Why does your 2001 dodge caravan not have day time running lights or dash lights?

Check all fuses and check for burn out headlights, high and low beams

You have a 1991 honda accord and the tail lights dash lights turn signals and low beams dont work you have replaced the fuses the lighting relay and the headlight switch nothing has worked can you hel?


How do you replace a alternator on a 1998 Honda Accord?

i replaced alt batt and some fuses my 91 accord lx will not stay charge over 10.60 volts what is the problem

Your low beams on both of your headlights are suddenly not working on your 2003 Chevy Venture Why?

Possibly the multifunction switch (switch in columm). Check the bulbs, fuses etc first

Why dont your high beams turn on but your low beams both work on your 2000 ford expedition Is there a fuse for it?

It sounds like the low beam/high beam switch is bad. Fuses are not the problem since they are built into the headlight switch and would cause headlights to blink or not come on for both high and low beam headlights.

1991 buick park avenue headlights only come at high beam low beams will not illuminate what do you check and where?

There should be separate fuses/relays for the low beams. Check the underhood fuse block located on the firewall. They are all clearly labeled.

Headlights go out when you turn on hi-beams 1999 vw jetta help please?

Check the bulbs, switch, connectors, relays and possibly fuses, depending on how your vehicle is wired.

How do i get the headlights to work they don't come on the low beams but do on the height fuses are good lights seem good just don't work?

Most likely the headlight relay. The relay switches between high and low beams. As low beams are used more, they are the relay contacts more prone to corrosion

1999 Chevrolet tracker all lights work except for headlights what to do taillights parking lights dashlights work the high beams work when pulling flasher on the stock headlights will periodicaly work?

I would first check all fuses. My 2002 uses a weird configuration and requires several fuses to work all of the lights properly.

Why do your headlights parking lights and dash lights not work you have replaced dimmer switch light switch and fuses and still no luck?

could be bad wiring

Headlights and high beams are not working on a 92 Camry but passing lights come on when you pull back on the lever and parking lights and turn signals work what would cause this problem?

Check the fuses.

95 Honda Accord DX headlights on both side are blind while corner lights and high beams work fuses ok what possible wrong?

if it's a Canada model, it's the daytime running lights relay, if us model, then check headlamp relay located in underhood fuse box (also that's where drl relay is)

Why would the high beams work but not low beams and break and tail lights only work if instrument panel lights work 1986 300zx have checked bulbs and fuses replaced switch behind brake pedal?

headlight switch

You just replaced both headlights on your 1995 Jeep Wrangler the fuses are working but the lights still don't work What do you need to do?

i would check the wiring for cracks

What would cause low beam headlights not work when all other lights work including high beams and fuses are all good on a 2009 Chevy Colorado?

A short in the low beam circuit.

What is wrong with 1998 Dodge Caravan when headlights consolelights brakelights and taillights go out Fuses are fine have replaced switch?

my Dakota did that it may seem weird but it was the flasher relay

What is wrong with a 1995 cutlass serra replaced battery and alternator but your lights will not work dash instruments come on but no headlights brakes taillights radio nothing?

Check the fuses

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