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Unless the entire gauge cluster was replaced with one out of another car, I would have to say the gauge is faulty. Is the car named "Christine" by chance?

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Q: Why would the odometer a 2000 Saturn sc2 drop from 91000 miles to 37000 miles?
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Have 2002 Saturn L300 and odometer says 69427what does it mean?

You have driven 69427 miles, or 6942 ( and 7 tenths )

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Is there a fuel reset button on the 2001 Saturn L200?

hit the button for your odometer once- (it should show your trip miles when you do this) and hold it in until it clears to zero

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How do you clear out the numbers on the trip odometer to see how many miles you went to a location for a 2003 Saturn ion quade coupe?

On most vehicles you simply push and hold the odometer reset button.On most vehicles you simply push and hold the odometer reset button.

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