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Especially if you are in cold areas, it takes more pressure to circulate cold oil. When it warms up, the oil flows easier through the system reducing pressure.

2005-01-06 07:48:48
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Do skis increase or decrease pressure?

they decrease pressure

How does a decrease in pressure affect boiling point?

A decrease in pressure decrease the boiling point.

In divergent nozzle pressure will increase or decrease?

If the flow is subsonic the pressure will increase, if however it is supersonic the pressure will decrease.

Does atmospheric pressure decrease with increasing temperature?

if pressure increases temperature increases if pressure decreases temperature decrease

Why do the arterioles have resistance?

Arterioles can increase and decrease their resistance in response to changes in cardiac output in order to maintain blood pressure. Increased cardiac output will cause arterioles to correspondingly decrease their resistance (thus increasing their compliance) so blood pressure remains unchanged.

How does pressure decrease?

You can decrease pressure by putting it in a bigger container, lowering the temperature and taking particles out.

What is the location of the oil pressure switch on a 1995 Buick Roadmaster 350 ci engine?

Oil Pressure SenderRear Of Engine

How can pressure be increased or decreased?

Increase pressure: decrease volume, increase temperature, increase moles of substance. Decrease pressure: do the reverse

How to Maintain water pressure?

If you have water pressure and wish to maintain it, do not cause flow in the line, which will reduce pressure due to friction. To keep pressure up, reduce friction by increasing the line size or eliminating some other restriction. To maintain water pressure in the line, it might have a pressure transmitter and Booster pump to maintain the set Pressure in the network & I disagree the above answer to maintain the pressure we shouldn't increase the line size by reducing the line size we can increase/Maintain the pressure to overcome the losses in the Network

Does air pressure increase or decrease as you go higher?


As the altitude increases does the barometric pressure increase or decrease?


When volume is increased does pressure increase or decrease?

Decrease that motherfuka!

How would decreasing the amount of water in blood affect blood pressure?

Blood pressure would decrease

What happens to pressure as temperature increases?

Pressure decrease.

What happends to the boiling point of a substance when pressure above it decreases?

When pressure decrease the boiling point also decrease.

How does the pressure of an ideal gas at constant volume change as the temperature increases?

As you decrease the volume, the pressure will increase proportionally, and if you increase the volume, then the pressure will decrease.

Is low pressure warm or cold?

This is a very relative question, but in general, pressure and temperature are proportional. If you decrease the pressure of the system, the temperature will decrease as well.

If the temperature of a gas remains constant what happens to the pressure when the volume increases?

The pressure will decrease, as pressure = mass/volume, so any increase in volume results in a decrease in pressure.

Where is the fuel regulator on 92 Buick Roadmaster?

Fuel Pressure Regulator is located on the fuel rail.

What happen when temperature of a gas decrease at constant volume?

decrease in pressure

How do you decrease pressure?

pressure decreases when you go higher into the atmosphere.

What will cause a decrease in gas pressure in a closed container?

Lowering the temperature will cause a decrease in gas pressure in a closed container.

What causes water pressure to decrease in home on well water?

What causes water pressure to decrease in home on well water?

Why is it necessary to decrease pressure in the discharge tube to get cathod rays?

why it is necessary to decrease the pressure in the discharge tubbe to get cathode rays

What happens to pressure when the force that is exerted on a surface decreases?

Pressure = Force / Area So if you decrease the amount of force applied to a surface, the pressure will also decrease.