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I have experienced this problem before. There is a good chance there is a Body or powertrain code stored in the computer to indicate a problem in the cluster, body control module, wiring, or combination of those. The only way to know is to get that code read.

after experiencing the same problem with the fuel gage, temp gage and service light, we kept using the Saturn only to have the car not go out of park, and the door lock malfunction.Took it to Saturn dealer and diagnosed it as having the body control module replaced. to the tune of over $ cannot do this yourself as the module needs to be programed after installation with a special machine.

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Q: Why would the service light fuel gauge and temp gauge of a 2001 L-series Saturn go on and off while driving?
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Why are you asking a question about an automobile in a FIREARMS forum?

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Well I've found out on my own that they are purchased through Saturn dealerships parts department. They are the red fitting bulbs and they are $1.49 each. Thanks.

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