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Why would the service light fuel gauge and temp gauge of a 2001 L-series Saturn go on and off while driving?


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2015-07-17 17:40:29
2015-07-17 17:40:29

I have experienced this problem before. There is a good chance there is a Body or powertrain code stored in the computer to indicate a problem in the cluster, body control module, wiring, or combination of those. The only way to know is to get that code read.

after experiencing the same problem with the fuel gage, temp gage and service light, we kept using the Saturn only to have the car not go out of park, and the door lock malfunction.Took it to Saturn dealer and diagnosed it as having the body control module replaced. to the tune of over $ cannot do this yourself as the module needs to be programed after installation with a special machine.

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Try searching for 96 Saturn sl1. The photos should have some dash shots and show the gauge. You can also check a service manual for the picture.

Depends on the size of the service. 100 amp service will require 3 gauge, 150 amp service will require 1/0 gauge, and 200 amp service will require 3/0 gauge.

the fuel guage in my 1993 Saturn goes wiggling back and forth. how do i fix this problem?

Usually the gauge in on the dashboard with all the other gauges. That way you can read it while driving.

at the beginning it will be cold, but it will warm up as you start driving

Why are you asking a question about an automobile in a FIREARMS forum?

Inside pasenger side by left foot

At the service entrance you will need AWG 1/0 gauge.

There is no fuel gauge on this motorcycle. You have to estimate fuel usage from driving or open the fuel tank to see how much is in it.

You can get a manual at in the customer service section.

12 in the tank, 10 gallons full to empty on the gauge

You can not fix the odometer on the early Saturns. You must replace the whole instrument panel.

Absolutely yes, it was only light gauge aluminum alloy.

Well I've found out on my own that they are purchased through Saturn dealerships parts department. They are the red fitting bulbs and they are $1.49 each. Thanks.

Your fuel sensor inside the tank is shot. Change it.

My memory says correct gauge for 100 amp service is 1 0 (that is, one ought) I could be wrong, check with your power company or building inspector.

It COULD be the fuel filter or the fuel pump. If you haven't replaced the fuel filter, try that. A fuel pressure gauge will tell you if you are losing fuel pressure.

The gas gauge sensor is most likely stuck. It is inside of the tank and over time it will get corroded.

Minimum # 10 gauge solid copper.

The stock oil pressure sensor on a 97 Saturn can be replaced with an oil pressure gauge for poundage info by first unscrewing the existing sensor. The new sensor can then be screwed into place and wiring ran to a suitable pressure gauge.

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