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Why would the speedometer stop working after auto start was installed on a 94 Chevy pickup?


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2004-11-19 10:58:07
2004-11-19 10:58:07

Someone knocked a wire loose.


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There is no speedometer cable on that vehicle. The speedometer is driven electronically.

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rpm and speedometer gauges not working 1995 Chevy silverado 2wd

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If the speedometer is not working but the odometer is, I would suspect the dash cluster is at fault. If both speedometer and odometer are not working I would suspect the speed sensor on the transmission is at fault.

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I have the same problem replaced speedometer clurstor got one out of wrecking took awhile to find one that worked ps you chang the sensor on the transimission . hopes this hepls

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If the speedometer is not working it probably needs a new speedometer cable. If the speedometer is actually broken either take it to as speedometer repair shop or replace it.

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