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Why would the tail lights on a Ford Focus not work if the headlights work fine?


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2005-02-03 05:13:42
2005-02-03 05:13:42

Headlights are almost always wired under a relay / breaker system, where your tail lights (AKA PARKING LIGHTS) are always fused. Ford likes to use a fuse for headlights also. Go into your fuseboxes (yes, you most likely have 2) and check the fuses. The owners manual will tell you what ones to pinpoint. Fuses today are visual. Easy enough to check with your eyes.Just yank em out 1 at a time and check em for burnt out elements (like a bad lightbulb)


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On a 2005 Ford Focus : Turn your low beam headlights on and then pull the headlight control out towards you to turn on the fog lights

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The Ford focus can have LED will headlights. The LED headlights do not come standard on the vehicle and will need to be an aftermarket addition.

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A Ford Focus fuse diagram will show the placement of all fuses for the vehicle including the brake and headlights, the interior lights, and the dashboard lights. This diagram is generally located on the inside cover of the fuse box.

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I would replace the headlight switch as Ford has had their share of these problems.

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