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Make sure all your t/s bulbs are correct. If not sure buy new bulbs from Honda parts dept. If bulbs are correct you probably have a problem with the turn signal control module. Check all connectors for proper continuity before replacing this module as it it pricey. If you have know experience I suggest you take your car to the dealer. This is not a problem for "joe's garage"

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Dash brake light indicator on only in cold morning 2001 Honda Accord?

Mine is a 2000 Honda Accord and the same thing began happening to me. Once the car warms up, the light goes out.... fixed my issue

Why does my power steering pump make noise on my 2004 Honda Accord in the morning when it's cold out?

The fluid could be low, or the pump could be weak and makes noise until it warms up the fluid. There is an additive available to help quiet the pump.

Why does my 1997 Honda TRX300FW rev up and and overflow fuel from the carb after it warms up?

Your floats might be stuck.

What does p1498 code mean on 1996 Honda Accord ex?

P1498 is a Check Engine Code. It refers to "EGR lift sensor high voltage". Checking with google, it sounds like you need to check for poor connections or loose wires at the EGR valve. This problem can be intermittent, and may resolve once the engine warms up.

In the cold you hear a loud rattle in your Honda crv 1999 it seems better when it warms up?

The question is nowehere near specific enough to answer.

What is the recommended tire pressure for a 2005 Honda Accord tourer?

Honda Accord 2003-2008 Tourer Tyre Pressures: Assuming you have 205/55 R16 91V Tyres (Standard 16" wheels) Average loading front 33psi(2.3 bar) - rear 30psi(2.1 bar) Maximum Loading front 35psi(2.4 bar) - rear 35psi(2.4 bar) Towing front 35 psi(2.4 bar) - rear 42psi(2.9 bar) Remember to check the pressures with the tyre cold (i.e. not having driven anywhere which warms it up).

Why does my 94 Honda Passport have a loss of oil pressure after the engine warms up?

Oil gets thinner when its hot. Use a slightly higher viscosity.

How can you tell if reed valves on a Honda CR250 are bad?

if it smokes when you first start it, or sometimes if it has a tic tic in the top end intill it warms up

1990 Honda Accord EX runs fine until it warms up Then wants to stall only when i first start off in it then runs ok until you stop and then the it starts over Also has a ting noise after i shut it off?

Clean the throttle body. If that doesn work, replace the Idle Air Control (Valve), which is located on the throttle body.

89 accord lxi fuel injected when car is cold idles 1200 then warms up idles at 800 to 2500 than after an hour it will idle at 1200 all in park never idles erratic in gear -3 mpg?

If a 1989 Honda Accord is experiencing idle issues the idle air control valve should be checked. A malfunctioning valve will cause the engine to run richer to compensate for less air and cause the car to have bad fuel economy.

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Why does your car idle up and down when started but then it warms up and idle evenly1994 Honda civic ex?

My mechanic (who I trust) replaced my O2 sensor and exhaust manifold and the problem went away.

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2000 s10 pick-up the turn signals and the hazard lights stop working after it warms up If the truck is turned off for 15 mins they start working again Any suggestions?

timing delay sensor

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1993 Honda Civic Ex engine stalls Its starts back up after 30 min or so. What can I do to fix this problem?

IF its doing this only when it warms up, it might be a bad coil - is it getting gas?

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