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Why would there be gasoline in the oil in my cars engine?

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A Cold winter starts are the likely culprit. Engines require a significantly richer fuel/air mixture to start in cold weather. A high percentage of the fuel that's delivered from the injectors and vaporized into the air drawn into the engine condenses back into liquid on the cold internal engine components, including the valves, pistons, combustion chambers and cylinder walls. The extra fuel supplied for startup ensures that enough fuel remains vaporized to mix with the air and ignite from the spark. Remember, the engine can burn only fuel vapor, not liquid fuel. If everything goes according to plan, the engine fires up quickly on the richer fuel/air mixture, begins heating the internal engine parts and ultimately re-vaporizing the condensed fuel and burning it during the warm-up cycle. This is why an engine will flood so quickly in extremely cold weather if it doesn't start in the first few seconds of cranking. In that scenario, the injectors continue to deliver fuel and more and more of it condenses in the combustion chamber, wetting and ultimately "drowning" the spark plug, making it incapable of firing. The result is a flooded engine. In some cases, holding full throttle to "unflood" the engine by maximizing air flow and reducing fuel flow will allow the engine to start. When the engine management computer recognizes a wide-open throttle at cranking rpm, it cuts the injector pulse width in half to reduce fuel flow to help clear a flooded condition. In your Celebrity, it would seem that at least some liquid fuel generated on cold starts is ending up in the crankcase mixed with the oil. A small amount isn't harmful, and in most cases will evaporate during a fully warmed-up drive -- perhaps 20 minutes. The danger, of course, is that gasoline is an effective solvent, diluting the oil and reducing lubrication to sensitive engine parts. You should carefully check the components and function of the positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) system to determine if it's functioning properly. It should draw combustion gases and pressure out of the crankcase and through the induction system. If the PCV valve or system is not working correctly, excess combustion blow-by, including raw fuel from a cold start, can end up in the crankcase. An iced-up PCV valve, leaking or plugged hose or filter can effectively disable the PCV system, resulting in excess crankcase pressure. A fuel pressure leak-down test also might help identify any internal fuel leakage from an injector or fuel-pressure regulator that might be allowing raw fuel to leak into the engine after shutdown. The short-term answer, is frequently changing oil to remove any soluble contaminants, including raw gasoline. That's why more-frequent oil changes are important in winter, particularly for vehicles operated in frequent warm-up/cool-down cycles and short-trip driving. At this point I'd suggest that you continue to monitor the oil, and change it frequently, until you find out what is wrong.

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Can you use diesel oil in gasoline engine?

NO, do not use diesel oil and a gasoline engine.

How does oil run cars?

Oil doesn't run cars it lubricates engines. Cars run on gasoline which is refined from oil.

How would you separate gasoline from motor oil?

Maybe evaporation but I wouldn't use the oil in an engine anyway.

In a 2 stroke engine do you have to mix the oil and the gasoline?

A 2-stroke engine requires adding 2-cycle oil with the gasoline.

What do cars run on?

Cars run on fossil fuels, gasoline, vegetable oil, and electricity.

Why did your engine seize even though your oil light did not come on?

You my have coolant or gasoline mixed with the oil. You would still have oil pressure but poor lubrication.

Can synthetic oil be used in a hybrid car?

As long as the synthetic oil is of the correct viscosity for the engine, it can be used in a hybrid car. Hybrid cars have two engines - the gasoline powered one and the electric one. The gasoline powered pretty much like any other gasoline powered 4-stroke engine and uses the same kind of lubricants.

Why does a 2 stroke engine not have oil?

It gets its lubrication from the oil mixed with the gasoline.

How will an increase in car ownership lead to more demand for oil?

More cars on the road require more gasoline. Gasoline is refined from crude oil. The more gasoline needed the more crude oil needed to produce it.

Can you mix diesel oil with non diesel oil?

I am not sure what you are asking but putting oil for diesel engines in a gasoline engine with some oil in it would not be good, or vise versa

Can a faulty mechanical fuel pump contaminate your engine oil?

A failed fuel pump can cause gasoline to get into the oil.A failed fuel pump can cause gasoline to get into the oil.

Why do 4 cycle engines require oil in the fuel mixture?

4 Cycle engines do not require an oil and gasoline mixture. The 2 cycle engine does require an oil and gasoline mixture. This oil and gasoline mixture for the 2 cycle engine provides critical lubrication for the rotating/moving parts.

What is the best way to seize a gasoline engine?

Run it out of oil.

Can i use an outboard motor oil for my gasoline engine car?


Can you use diesel oil in a gasoline engine?

No, it would not be good for the engine at all. It will smoke and foul all of the spark plugs as well as cause excessive wear on the engine.

This type of fossil fuel can be simplified to gasoline to fuel cars?

Crude oil.

How do you tell the difference between SAE and SE motor oil?

SAE (society of automotive engineers) sets the rating for the oil. Gasoline engine oil is given a "s_" rating. SE would be a rather old rating as the current is SMSAE (society of automotive engineers) sets the rating for the oil. Gasoline engine oil is given a "s_" rating. SE would be a rather old rating as the current is SM

Is it possible to run diesel engine by gasoline oil. if possible then afterward what will happen?

No, putting gasoline in a diesel will destroy the diesel engine.

Is Diesel engine oil bad for a petrol car?

Yes, never put oil formulated for a diesel in a gasoline engine.

How cng engine works?

extended interval oil for CNG/gasoline engine (bi-fuel engine)

Does your lawn mower require 2 cycle engine oil?

If it is a 2-stroke engine, 2-cycle engine oil is added to the gasoline. If the engine is 4-stroke, regular 30W motor oil is used. To tell if your engine is 2-stroke or 4-stroke, look for a spout where oil is poured into the engine. If there is no spout, then the engine is 2-stroke and 2-cycle oil must be added to the gasoline.

Does a 2 cycle engine need oil?

A 2-cycle engine requires a fuel/oil mixture. The ratio of oil to gasoline depends on the manufacturer's specifications for your particular engine.

Is automobile oil gasoline?

No, oil is oil and gasoline is gasoline, although gasoline is refined from crude oil.

Do cars produce fossil fuels?

No. Most cars use fossil fuels (primarily gasoline and diesel made from oil).

Why does your Briggs and stratton lawn mower blow blue smoke and oil?

Worn piston rings. Incorrect weight engine oil. Gasoline mixed with engine oil. Crankcase overfilled with engine oil.