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Strong possibility of a blown head gasket. Either do not drive it or driver very slowly and carefully to get it checked. You dont have a blown head gasket, you have a leak in the transmission oil cooler which is inside the radiator. The cheapest way to fix it is to buy a external transmission oil cooler and hook that up to the transmission oil cooler lines which are now going to your radiator. then cap off the two ports on the radiator where the old cooler lines went. Your car will never know the difference, and your transmission will probably last longer as the external transmission oil cooler is vastly supirior to the one inside the radiator.

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Q: Why would there be transmission oil in the radiator?
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How do you know if a radiator has a auxiliary transmission oil cooler on it?

If there are lines coming from the transmission to the radiator, it has a cooler in the radiator. If there are lines from the transmission to an external heat exchanger, that would be an auxiliary cooler.

What is the name of the small radiator that has a flo of transmission oil in it?

transmission oil cooler

How is there transmission fluid in your radiator?

The automatic transmission oil cooler is built into the radiator. If the oil cooler developes a leak the oil mixes with the engine coolant.

Why does oil pass into your 99 Taurus radiator?

The transmission oil cooler is located in the radiator. A leak that allows oil in the radiator will also allow coolant to enter the transmission doing great harm. Check the transmission , after driving and the oil is hot water vapor will come out of the dip stick tube.

Why would there be oil in your antifreeze you have a 1995 Chevy big block truck?

The most common reason would be a ruptured oil cooler in the radiator. Check to see if you have oil lines going to the radiator, if you do, you need a radiator. Also, don't forget to change the anti-freeze because it will be contaminated. Don't forget to check your transmission for contamination also, as transmission fluid also runs on the outer region of your radiator to cool the transmission fluid.

What would cause oil in the radiator coolant?

blown head gasket....not good. Could b Transmission fluid because the transmission cooler is in the radiator-especially IF the water has a red tint 2 it,IF it has a automatic transmission.

How do you fix transmission fluid in the radiator?

Take it to an oil and lube shop and have them flush the radiator.

Can transmission oil get into a vehicle radiator?

If the car has a transmission cooler in the side tank of the radiator, yes. This set up is very common.

What is the cause of a 1997 dodge caravan 2wheel drive 3 speed 2.4 motor to suck antifreeze into the transmission?

Failed transmission oil cooler, which is part of the radiator.Failed transmission oil cooler, which is part of the radiator.

What are the two lines on the passenger side below the radiator of a 99 ranger?

those 2 lines are oil lines from the automatic transmission to the radiator .these allow for the transmission oil to be cooled

Why the transmission oil mixed with the water of the radiator?

The transmission oil cooler is located inside the radiator. If the transmission oil cooler developes a leak the oil will mix with the engine coolant. Check the transmission fluid. If it looks like a strawberry milk shake the transmission is in trouble. The longer you drive it the more it will cost to fix. Have it towed to a transmission shop asap.

After the radiator was replaced on a 2001 Intrepid there is a slow transmission leak somewhere by the left side to center of the radiator What can be the cause?

either the transmission oil line to radiater is not tightene or the oil cooler tank at bottom of radiator has a leak

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