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Why would water stop flowing and not return for ten minutes or more?

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Your bladder may be empty or you have a case of "shy kidneys." But seriously, if the water in your home stops flowing intermittently, it's likely the water company's fault or, if you have a private well, there's a problem with your pump and pressure tank. Municipal water companies and utilities are notoriously unreliable and often don't inform users about interruptions due to maintenance. Also, during peak usage periods, water pressure can decrease markedly, sometimes necessitating localized shut-offs.

2006-08-01 03:43:23
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Q: Why would water stop flowing and not return for ten minutes or more?
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What kind of adaptations would living organisms need in fast flowing water?

Does the surface mars have long channels that may have been caused by flowing water?

It has been agreed that the channels would have been formed by flowing water.

What is a channel where water is continuously flowing down hill?

A channel where water is continuously flowing down a hill would be described as a stream, or possibly a rivulet, depending on its size.

Why would animals become adapted to live in fast-flowing water when there are regions of slow-moving water in a river?

Animals adapt to fast-flowing water when their environment is characterized by such waters.

What would you and others do to reduce this demand?

it produce by capturing the energy of flowing water

How many gallons of water used in a 15 minute shower?

A single shower head flowing at 2.2 GPM (Gallons Per Minute) would use approximately 33 gallons in 15 minutes.

What is the meaning of free-flowing?

Free-flowing means that something can flow without hindrance. A example of this is a river that exists without being blocked or impeded by a dam. A dam would resist the flow of a river, causing water to remain in or accumulate in a given region, which would not be a free-flowing scenario.

What is an area where fresh water and salt water are mixed by tides?

That would be an 'Estuary'. A freshwater stream flowing into the ocean would create an estuary, and tides would not be the direct cause.

What is water flowing in a steady motion called?

It would be called a stream or on a larger scale, a river.

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Water would move from the Gulf of Mexico to Lake Okeechobee by ocean water flowing up a river that joins with the lake

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Your body is primarily made up of water and without the return of it from your kidneys you would become dehydrated.

Is there a word for the small stream of water flowing southward down a mountain?

I know of no special name for southerly flowing streams. 'Draining in a southerly direction' would perhaps be a description.

What is the temperature rating for CPVC pipe?

That would depend on the chemical flowing through the pipe or the hardness of the water

What does it mean to dream any kind of water over flowing?

It is not possible to suggest a meaningful interpretation because different sorts of flowing water would have different meanings. Very generally, overflowing water suggests too much of something. But a dream of water overflowing from a kitchen sink or a bathtub would be very different from water overflowing a riverbank or water overflowing a fish bowl.

Why does clear water flowing down a river becomes muddy after rain?

I would assume it is from either the rain coming down and disrupting the ground beneath the waters surface. Or from it washing mud, or dirt, off the bank into the flowing water.

6 ounces of water dripped in 10 minutes how much water would have dripped in only 5 minutes?

Assuming the rate of dripping is constant, 5 minutes is half of 10 minutes, so only half as much water would have dripped. Half of 6 ounces is 3 ounces.

How does fast flowing waters help weathering?

The faster the water the faster the erosion or weathering. If you were taking a shower and the water was just dribbling out it would take many minutes to rinse the soap off of you. If you had the faucet on full you would wash it all off in seconds. Now think of a small trickle of water over a boulder, it would probably take millions of years to make a 1 inch trench. If you were to have a river flowing over it it would only take a few thousand of years. When you add sediment to water it cuts the time drastically. The more sediment and the faster the flow of water the faster the weathering. The sediment acts like sand paper that the water is moving. You can literally cut metal with powerful jets of water with grit in it.

How do you measure water flowing through 300mm diameter pipes?

Same as you would in inches 3.14159265 and PSI have to be known

What are steadily flowing streams of water in the earths seas?

These streams are called Currents. An example would be The Gulf Stream.

Why would your computer reboot itself every 30 minutes?

You may have an overheating problem. More information would get you better information in return.

How would you use the word flowing in a sentence?

the pee is flowing down her leg

What major river flows into the Mississippi river?

''the Mississippi river :) DUH'' The major river with the most volume of water flowing into the Mississippi would be the Ohio River. The longest river flowing into the Mississippi River would be the Missouri River. A couple of other major rivers flowing into the Mississippi are the Red River and the Arkansas River.''

How would a reigon's climate change if a colod water ocean current stop flowing past it?

Yes, the water currents affect much of the worlds climate

What condition would cause the salinity of ocean water to decrease?

A river flowing into the sea is causing the decrease in salinity

What is the pH of a lagoon?

The pH would depend on the volume of rainwater flowing into the lagoon, and the type of rock the water flowed over.