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Why would you crave sweets so much?


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Insulin drives sugar cravings. If you eat a few grams of carbohydrates your body releases insulin to deal with the sugar which is soon flooding your bloodstream. Any sugar you can't immediately burn for fuel gets converted to fat and stored. Within a short time all the carbs are out of your blood stream but you now have a lot of insulin left. It drives your hunger for more sugar, and when you cave in it starts the whole cycle all over. The only way to stop the cycle is to go cold turkey for a few days and remain low carb. Your cravings for sugar will vanish, although this will have little effect on strictly emotional eating.

AnswerYou might have a sweet tooth for no other reason than you like the flavor. However, you may have some underlying emotional issues which you are trying to smooth over with sugar rushes and chocolate hugs. If you're worried about your sweet intake, perhaps you see a counselor. AnswerHormones in women are usually the cause. I am sure you have heard women say just before their periods that they would "kill for sweets." Well, it just never stops in some women.

Here is a trick I learned: Buy a chocolate bar with squares, and take 1 or 2 pieces and suck on it. This will help get rid of the cravings.

Treat yourself to a SMALL piece of cake or pie. We can all enjoy desserts, but most of us make little piggies out of ourselves.

AnswerLack of sleep and other things that cause run-down-iness will make you crave carbohydrates. AnswerEating sugar causes a steep increase in blood sugar, which is followed by a steep drop in blood sugar. Essentially, your brain thinks you are starving, and triggers a craving for the most accesssible form of energy -- more sugar. Many people find eliminating all refined carbohydrates from their diet on a plan like the Zone or South Beach, eliminates the cravings. Answer

Our body has the best defense and starvation mechanism. Generally we like foods based on our needs. For example we like colourful foods, cos we need more vitamins.(bright color indicates concentration of vitamine)similarly sweets= heavy calories. Our body gets jealous about the calories and tries to store them for future use. So your body craves for sweets so much.


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Illegal drugs can have different affects on individuals. Illegal drugs do give people bizarre cravings, so depending on the drug taken, you may experience the crave for sweets.

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A studyshowslow leptin levels may lead to an increase sensitivity to sweet, also known as a sweet tooth.

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