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There is usually always a reason. It could be a lot of little things like the way he sometimes treats you; if he flirts with other women or forgets dates or special events in your life. You don't dislike your mate for nothing. Time to sit quietly down with yourself, take a piece of paper and put two columns down (one GOOD THINGS and the other BAD THINGS) that you like or dislike about your boyfriend. Then you'll get the answer you are looking for. Good luck Marcy

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Q: Why would you feel like you hate your boyfriend for no good reason?
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What is a good reason to be in a fight with a boy friend?

A good reason or any reason at all would be justifiable if you still want him as a boyfriend.

What is a good reason for breaking up with your boyfriend?

Well, if you feel like he's too abusive or that the fire has gone down tremendously that you're both suffering, then I would say that you should end it. Otherwise, I see no reason to end a perfectly good relationship, if it is as perfect as I say.

Is having a boyfriend good without telling your parents?

If there's a good reason for not telling your parents, then it is okay, but it would be a better idea to introduce them when you can.

Is it good that you feel comfortable around your boyfriend?

Of course!

Should you feel insecure if your boyfriend has told you that a few of his friends are better looking than you and you might not have gotten their looks?

Not really insecure but feel offended as that is rather rude. You should bring this up to him and make him realize what he said and that it was rather rude. No boyfriend should be telling you such a thing and I would even say that it warrants a break up because that is honestly rude. I would never ever see a reason where that would be warranted.

What should be your response your boyfriend just asked you how do you feel about him?

You respond your boyfriend a lot about how being good is.

When to leave your boyfriend?

If you have a good reason the two of you cannot overcome

What does it mean when your boyfriend puts his hand on your leg?

It feel good.

What do you do when your boyfriend is being mean too you?

I say a good boyfriend should make you feel good . He should make your day. Not the opposite.

What do you do if you have boyfriend trouble?

this question would be easier to answer if you told me what troubles you are having with him, if you feel strongly about him just tell him how you feel, if he loves you he will understand :) xx good luck hun

How do you make your boyfriend feel GOOD?

tell him how good he looks, keep giving him compamints

How do you deal with a sensitive boyfriend?

let him know how you feel good luck!!!!!

Name a reason why Superman would not make a good boyfriend?

Because he'll have everyother girl envying on the female that's superman's Girlfriend

Who would be a good boyfriend for Melissa?

For Me, Ricks good boyfriend Is Matt Evans. For sure! From: ejane pamela

Why does it feel soo good when your boyfriend and you kiss each other on the lips?

its love

What is the proper age for having a boyfriend?

it would be good to have a boyfriend at the age of 16

Use the word exhilarate in a sentence?

Anytime her boyfriend came to visit, it would exhilarate her. Exhilarate means to make someone feel happy, and good.

Is it a bad idea to go spend a night at your boyfriends friends house?

If you never were friends with the guy before dating your boyfriend then it probably/may not be the best idea. That tends to look weird, seem like something else is up. What would be your reason for staying the night at his house? If only good friend intentions and your boyfriend knows about you staying the night for a good reason and he has no problem with it then sure. If you don't feel uneasy about it yourself and you think that hanging out with him wont cause problems, it's cool. Enjoy yourself, have fun. Feel confident and good about it yourself, but don't let any mistakes happen where you would regret staying the night. Be safe and have fun.

What is a good reason to have a boyfriend or girlfriend?

a good reson why is to have sex with him/her and get married and have lots of kids:)no, i think a good reason to having a boyfriend or girlfriend is so you can expirence what love is like. i don't think you should have sex with them that's not a goood reason to have one. it's to find someone special that you are willing to spend the rest of your life with. don't just throw your self out there and have sex with every boyfriend or girlfriend.

How do you get the girl you like to leave her boyfriend?

By giving her an extremely good reason to go out with you instead.

Why does it feel good when you're neck is bitten?

The main reason for this is because the pain that is caused releases endorphins making it "feel good"

Crush on your friends ex boyfriend?

not the best thing to do but if he's worth it tell your friend how you feel about this guy.If she gets mad tell her how happy you would be and she would be a good friend if she would care about your happiness.

You are in love with this guy he has a girlfriend do you tell him how you feel?

No because you may ruin a good the relationship. If you had a boyfriend would you want some girl telling him that they love him? The answer should be no.

What would be a good 19th birthday present for my boyfriend of 2 years?

A good 19th birthday present for your 2-year boyfriend would be a fancy smartphone.

I am the only one out of my friends that's never had a boyfriend and i feel alienated i have the perfect crush who'd make a good first boyfriend trouble is that he's super shy and he never talks?

Maybe the best thing to do would be to talk to him first. =) be nice to him make him feel comfitble around you