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Why would you have minor cramping and severe lower back pain when 4 weeks pregnant?

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You should go to the ER or your doctor ASAP. Cramping in early pregnancy is very normal because everything is stretching out, but it shouldn't be bad cramps and with the severe lower Back pain that could mean you are having a miscarriage. Please go to the ER or your doctor ASAP

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Is having period longer than five days normal?

A period can have light to very heavy flow from minor to severe cramping from 3-8 days

Why cramping at 5wks 5days pregnant with very little bleeding?

see your doctor, this could be minor, or serious. should not rely on internet answers. get checked out

Is it normal to be 7 weeks pregnant and not have any symptoms?

Yes, It is normal to be 7 weeks pregnant and not have any symptoms I am almost 8 weeks pregnant and i have only had minor cramping so I never suspected anything except that I was 3 weeks late.

What are the pregnant symptoms at 7 weeks?

Nausea, breast swelling / tenderness, headaches, minor cramping, fatigue. Some women have all the symptoms, some women have no symptoms.

Do you have aBdominal pains if your pregnant?

Yes, when I was about 7 to 12 weeks along i had minor cramping that felt like the cramps I got when I was on my period but my doctor said it is usually caused by your uterus stretching.

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Could i be pregnant if i have been having minor period like cramps been eating more have been tired alot and have been having lower back pain?


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