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YOU MAY HAVE AN STD YOU SHOULD GET IT CHECKED OUT BECAUSE THATS WHAT HAPPEN WHEN I HAD ONE Yes you should get tested for a STD and see if you are pregnant, but discharge is a common thing. Many women always have heavy and light discharge. Some women have discharge year round

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You will get discharge every day and it changes with hormonal changes throughout your menstrual cycle. You will also see heavier discharge when you are aroused as this is how the vagina lubricates itself in preparation for sexual intercourse. If however the discharge you're seeing is unusual for you it's a good idea to see your doctor (especially if sexually active) to check for infections and get treatment.

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Q: Why would you keep getting a heavy discharge?
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Is a white discharge common before a period?

Yes. Even if it's a week before your period, you can still have a small amount of discharge. Pantiliners can help keep it from getting in your underwear.

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Why do women produce discharge?

The discharge is the vaginas way to clean out the bacteria etc and keep the vagina healthy.

What happens if have a discharge?

um...this means u r close to your period so your vagina is cleansing itself of the mucus to get ready i would recommend u to keep track of the colors of your discharge just in case

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I have had discharge for about a year and have had pubic hair for a year. I have been growing breasts for two years and I have never had my period. I weigh 91.3 and been getting bad cramps?

I would assume you would be getting your period very soon. You are getting cramps are a developing normally elsewhere, it is just a matter of time before you get it. Remember to keep pads or tampons on you at all times so you don't get caught off guard without anything.

Why do girls have discharge?

To keep it clean, healthy and lubricated.

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Most likely you would only use thin pads for discharge. There really isn't a reason why you should put on heavy flow pads unless its personal. When changing a pad for discharge it could depend on how much has already leaked onto it. Whenever you go to the bathroom check how much is on your existing pad and if its basically half way covered with discharge then that the time to change it. notice its unhealthy to keep ANY kind of pad in for more than 6 hours. Any more questions? You could visit: All your answers could be there! Hope this helps! ;)

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Why having white blood before menstruation?

There is no such thing as white blood, so what you are experiencing before menstruation is discharge. Discharge amounts in females vary, but white discharge that does not have any smell is perfectly normal. The function of discharge is to keep the vagina clean and moist.

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How do virgins control discharge when excited?

No one can control discharge. It's a part of our system to keep the vagina healthy. Women have discharge all the time but it changes slightly when it gets closer to the time of having our period. Wether you are a virgin or not have nothing to do with it. Discharge is not linked to the hymen.

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