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Why would you lose dash lights cruise control brake lights and tail lights on a 1991 Toyota Celica?


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the plug behind the battery might be unplugged or that same plug is disconnected from the fuse box


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The dashboard lights for a 2003 Celica by Toyota have a maximum overall length of?รฆ 0.8 inches. The diameter of the bulb is 0.219 inches.

The warning lights on a 1988 Toyota Celica will usually mean that your engine is needing to be serviced. However, the warning lights can also mean that your brakes need to be serviced or repaired.

Are you sure you need the fuse for the cruise control. My cruise control wasn't working, neither were my brake lights. All 7 bulbs were burnt out. When the brake lights were replaced the cruise control worked.

It shouldnt. The cruise control senses by the switch on the pedal not by the lights.

1990 toyota celica when jumper cables are hooked up dash lights turn on but the car won't turn over won't even click

The cruise system shares fuses with the engine and brake lights. If the car runs and the brake lights work, it is not a fuse.

I found mine on eBay for a really good price.

Some safety features that are offered in a Toyota Celica are safety locks on the doors, airbags, daytime running lights, dynamic head restraint, child seat lower anchorage and an energy management feature.

I had this same problem with my 2003 Venture. The Cheverolet dealership told me that the cruise contol is directly linked to the brake lights. The simplest and cheapest place to start would be to check your brake lights...if they are not working, you will not have cruise control.

Perhaps something in the gear shift that turns on the lights when in reverse position.

its on the left turn signal switch, at the end is the headlights, then one in is the fog lights, you twist it just like you would the headlights

No cruise control or fender mounted brake lights on a 2002 Tahoe could mean a short in the wiring or the ground wire has failed. No cruise control is also a result of a bad oxygen sensor. Most GM made vehicles have two oxygen sensors.

The signs indicate the status of the airbag, lights, and cruise control. By using the computerized dashboard, you will know if the air bag is on or off. You will know if you are using your high beam or low beam lights.

The cruise control may not work is there is a problem with the brakes. Check to ensure that the cruise lights come on in the dash. Also, check all the vacuum lines to see if there is any issue.

One for brake lights, one for cruise control. If you hit the brakes when using cruise control, that second switch is what tells the control modules that the brake is being depressed.

There is a switch on the shifter or trans that turns on the lights when the vehicle is placed in reverse, it is out of adjustment or faulty. And don't forget the bulbs or fuses as a cause.

in the interrior fuse pannel it is the fuse labeled DOME LIGHT, or possibly INTERRIOR LIGHTS. i believe it should be a 15 maybe 20 amp fuse

The cruise control is fed by the engine computer through the brake light switch. It does not have a separate fuse.If the engine runs and the brake lights work, it is not a fuse.

The cruise system shares fuses with the engine and brake lights. If those work, it is not a fuse.

There's a switch labled aux lights above and to the left of the steering wheel, next to the cruise control switch.

It is important to know the meaning of flashing lights in a car. When the cruise control set light flashes, it either means the driver hasn't finish setting the control, or that there is an issue with the fuse or wiring.

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