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take off the distributor cap and see if the points inside are filed down or slighty bent. if they are only slightly bent, try to straighten them w/ a pair of pliers. hope this will help. the distributor cap is the thing that your spark plug wires run to from your engine. first, there are no points in a 1992 civic distributor. Second, it's probably your main relay. if this happens more often when it is really hot in the car that's a pretty good indicator. to check, turn the key on (not to start), listen for the fuel pump to kick on, run for a few seconds, then kick off. Once you hear the fuel pump cycle the car will start, if not then you (most likely) need to replace your main relay (it's really easy to do and not very expensive). Of course, check all the fuses first! I've owned many Hondas and this is a semi-common failure, especially if the car is high mileage.

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Q: Why would your 1992 Civic have trouble starting then start for a second then die?
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There is no timing belt. It is a timing chain. I have 130,000 miles and have not had any trouble. It will start making noise when it is time. Unlike timing belts which will break, timing chains wear out slowly.

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