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You may first check to see if there is antifreeze in the radiator ,may want to check how stong the antifreeze is,you can purchase a antifreeze tester at a Walmart or kmart or wherever you like to shop,depending on how cold your climate is the antifreeze should be good to -32 to+250 degrees around there. Can also check to see if your thermistat is functioning properly. You can take it out and run car to see if this cured the problem,if it did youneed a new thermistat,if not also check to see if you coolant fan works when air conditioning is on it should be ok,but you never know without proper tests, can also check water pump to see if it leaks or if the bearings are shot if all else fails take it to a trained person to find the cause.

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โˆ™ 2004-12-13 20:44:54
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Q: Why would your 1993 Saturn Sl2 four door continually overheat?
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Is the motor in this 1993 Saturn slY going to overheat by using a radiator out of a Chevy Celebrity?

If the Chevy Celebrity radiator is smaller that the Saturn radiator it might well overheat from not enough cooling capacity. If the Chevy Celebrity radiator is the same size or larger than the Saturn radiator I would think it would not over heat.

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only if it doesnt have fluid.

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Evidently the cooling fan is not working.

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The 1993 Saturn 1.9 is not an interferance engine, and has a chain, not a belt.

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Its prob the radiator fan. Or you are out of coolant.

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The 95 Saturn SL1 does it too.

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go for it

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Why would black smoke come from a 1993 Saturn and then its engine cut off?

It sounds like you've thrown a rod.

What is weight of 1993 Saturn SL1?

2350lbs estimate

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