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Why would your 1995 Buick LeSabre sound like an airplane when going down the road and get louder going up a hill?


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2006-04-12 02:06:55
2006-04-12 02:06:55

Sounds like a locked up FAN CLUTCH if its a front noise OR a bad MUFFLER-can't tell by the description. *From the description I would be more inclined to believe the catalytic converter needs to be replaced.


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what would cause a 1994 Buick LeSabre v6 to turn off going down the road.

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yes, you can, i go to a technical college and my friends and i are going to supercharge my 93 buick lesabre over the summer..... and by the way, the 1993 buick park avenue is basically just the buick lesaber but it is super charged and with a nicer interior and additional aspects that are better.

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Call your local Buick dealership and ask them if they can order one for you. If they can't, then try going online to see if you can order one.

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wheel bearings are going bad, need to change your hub assembly

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You have to go on the compressor! My husband has a 95 and the auto parts manager told him you have to.

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