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You either have a bad switch or you need to check your fuse or relay for your a/c. To check your switch: you need a multimeter or voltmeter. You'll need to get to the back of your switch, keep it plugged in and find your power wire to the switch. Then put the positive end of the voltmeter in the back of the connector into the power(don't push to hard or you'll damage the connector). Then put the negative end of the voltmeter on a good ground on your frame or something that touches your frame. You should get a voltage reading of 12 volts. If there's no voltage than somethings wrong with the wiring up to your switch. If there is voltage, than you need a new switch.

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Q: Why would your AC not come on when you turn the knob?
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The ac in Ford Focus isn't working I turn the knob on 1-3 but nothing happens. If I turn it all the way to four it will blow hot air but the ac light won't come on what's wrong with it?

You may need to charge your a/c with refrigerant.

I have a 1999 Chevy Malibu and when i turn the knob for ac nothing happens what could this be?

could be a bad fuse or ac relay,also if out off coolant ac clutch will not work,

How do you turn the AC on in a 1995 dodge Neon New car NO manual?

The first knob controls the fan speed. The second selects the temperature. The third selects which vent it will come out of. And the last will select recirculated or outside air. Turning them all to the left will give you max AC.

What would cause the AC not to turn on?

No power.

Temperature control for 1997 Ford Ranger with AC does not work?

the control is electrical i do believe so you would need to replace the switch. the switch is behind the knob you turn. of course you will need to remove some parts to get to it.

How come engine fan on your 97 z28 on comes on when you turn on ac?

That is normal.

Your ac stop working the dashbord lights don't turn on what cut it be?

does the ac just stop or does the defrost also come on out of the blue?

Why does your ac come on when you turn on the heater on your car?

The AC takes the moisture out of the cabin air and that helps clear the inside of the windshield from moisture faster.

Why can you do to take of the fog of the windows in 92 Honda civic?

Turn the defroster on. If you have a separate AC switch, turn it on also. The AC should come on with the defroster automatically, but might not. If no AC, set the vent control to outside air instead of recirculate.

What would turn an evaporator coil in ac unit black?


1999 Isuzu Trooper 3.5 V6 over heat when the AC is turn on. It only happens during hot days?

as soon as the ac is turn on the cooling fan should come on if not there is a problem with that take it to a ac shop thay can find it fast ..

Can you tweak a 400 Volt AC to go up 440 Volt AC Referring to a Standby Generating Set?

Yes, there is a control knob on the gen-set that will have a label called field excitation or just field. Look at the volt meter and turn this control in a clockwise direction. The voltage should increase as you turn the control.

Why would your ac switch not turn on?

Most common problem LOW FREON

Why does car turn off when you turn on the ac?

The ac pump may be seized up.

Does the ac come on when the defrost is on in a 1996 Toyota Corolla?

Yes, the windshield defroster will turn the A/C compressor on.

When turning knob on AC focus 2004 not turn on?

It could be a bad fuse, compressor, or condenser. To diagnose the problem if it is not a bad fuse will require a trip to the shop. How about at any other fan speeds?

What would cause the AC compressor of a 2005 Toyota Tacoma not to turn on besides a fuse?

Check the Freon pressure first. The AC compressor will not turn on if the Freon pressure is too low.

Why does the compressor not come on when you turn on the AC?

generely it won't come on if the level of freon in the system is to low, it might have a leak or may need a recharge

Can YOU reuse the water coming from the AC?

no ofcourse not water would just dry off even if it does not or does come from the AC

How do you replace the ac control knob on a 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix?

Try pulling on the knob. Usually these are press fitted on, and will pull off with a little effort.

Is it ok to turn off the AC when the house is empty and turn it on when you return after work?

Yes that is fine. If you are worried about the bills the best thing to do is to turn the ac down not off when you leave and then when you come back, turn it back up to your comfort level. This way you do not have to try to re-cool the whole house.

How do you remove smoke smell when i turn on my ac in my truck?

turn on the ac and open the door or window

How can my Ford Expedition allow AC to come out of the rear roof vents but heat only heat comes out of the panel vents?

Depending on the year. My 98 Exp EB has the knob on the dash to change the temp in the front and the console on the roof has another knob to change temps in the back

Does an SCR work on DC or ac?

SCR's are mainly used in AC circuits. They could be used in DC circuits but they then would not be able to turn off. They require the zero crossing of the AC circuit to turn off. Then when positively biased they can be turned back on.

What is wrong when Goodman home AC outside blower fan will not turn on but compressor does come on?

bad motor or capacitor