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Why would your betta stay still in one place?


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January 07, 2009 5:14AM

The short answer is that he is sick, or he is dying. Those are really the only two causes for a listless Betta. They are normally very active fish. My betta is very, very active. Though she sometimes rests for a few seconds and then swims around once I move. How long does your fish do this for? I can tell my fish is just resting because she is always breathing. Maybe it would help if you checked whether your fish was breathing. Maybe its just doing the same thing as mine but for a little longer. EDIT by Natalie01 to her paragraph: My betta just died recently, and before she did she was staying still for a long time near her plant. She had foggy eyes as a result of a broken fin (My maid had an accident with her when she cleaned her for the first time) and she died peacefully after a super fast round of her bowl. How are your bettas eyes, and are there any other problems? Send me a message when you have an answer. R.I.P Rosy 0000(No idea when)-2008