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Why would your car radio be getting AM but not FM?


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It is possible to receive AM signals without an antenna, FM signals, however, require an antenna to be received. The standard FM antenna is around 72 inches for the quarter wave length at the middle of the FM band. Assuming the radio is not broken, try checking to see if the antenna has become disconnected or broken. You can remove an old working antenna from another vehicle and plug it into the antenna jack of your radio to see if the signal comes through. Older vehicles all use the same type of jack. Newer and some imports use a smaller jack. You can get an adapter from an auto parts store or off the Internet (eBay).


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1). If it's getting any FM stations, then the radio is OK.2). If it's getting the strong (nearby) stations but not the weak (far away) ones,then check the car's FM antenna, the connection between the antenna and thecable, the condition of the cable from the antenna to the radio, and the connectionbetween the cable and the radio.

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The range on an FM transmitter for a car radio is roughly designed to transmit a radio signal to more than 500 meters away in the FM broadcasting band.

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The 1932 Studebaker was the first car with a FM radio. The Galvin Manufacturing Corporation was the company that first made radios for automobiles.

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what sort of radio? alarm clock, radio in a vehicle, other? IF a car radio, what year make model of vehicle, and what type radio (AM, AM/FM, AM/FM/CD, etc?)

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I take it you have a FM radio, if so you can get a FM transmitter for your Ipod, All you have to do then is tune your radio to the frequency of the transmitter .

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