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Why would your carburetor keep getting blocked?

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Is it possible you're getting carburetor icing? This is common in cooler, humid weather after maybe five or ten minutes. The power falls off, runs rough and chuggy, slowly chokes up, requires 15 minutes to thaw barrels out again. Just a possibility. Could be preheat hose or vacuum line/switch. Replacing the preheat hose is a cheap and easy fix.

Dirt and debris in the fuel tank, common on older vehicles that have had fuel system cleaner dumped in the tank. All the dirt gets broke loose and heads to the engine.

It could be that you need to replace the gas lines because cracks in the gas lines can allow water to get in. This causes the jets in the carb to gum up when it sits in the lines.

2010-11-15 15:12:44
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Clean out the carburetor with gas, the reason it wont keep running is its not getting enough gas through the carburetor.

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The fuel filter is clogged or the carburetor needs to be cleaned and/or adjusted.

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Quite a few number of possibilities: 1) You're not getting enough fuel (your carburetor may need adjusted) 2) You're not getting enough air (your carburetor may need adjusted, you may need a performance air intake) 3) Your carburetor: --float type may not be able to keep enough gas in the fill bowl to keep up with the fuel need of the engine --diaphragm type same as with the float type, but the diaphragm cannot pump in enough fuel to the carburetor to keep up with the consumption of the engine 4) Could be a problem with your CDI if it has one. If it does, might want to look into upgrading to a racing CDI (and the speed\rpm governor\limiter might also be a part of the CDI which might be what is cutting you out when you go above 40-45mph) Good Luck! I can't give a definite answer but hopefully the above checks will help you out.

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