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If you havent installed the security updates and have surfed the net (either by modem or by a lan line) you probably picked up one of the many worms wriggling all over the net. Keep those service packs updated and use firefox or some other NON internet explorer browser. If its an older computer you may have to troubleshoot some of your hardware which is a giant PIA. Try taking out any newer components that you may have upgraded before reinstalling your windows and disconnecting your ROM disc drives to see if you can get the OS to boot up and stay up. Bad drivers means bad news. Any upgrades might require you to install driver prior to equipment. Aside from the software issue your hard drive may be funking out. If its making funny noises you better get it somewhere you can back up your stuff. The most common cause for involuntary windows restarts are the worms but that doesnt mean the other problems are ruled out. Good luck.

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Q: Why would your computer be restarting itself even after you installed a new version of Windows XP?
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The answer is Help.

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What version of Windows is installed on your laptop?

On startup/logoff it will tell you on the bottom of the screen.

I tried to install word 2010 in my computer But appeared a message like this msxml version 6.10.1129.0 to be installed ion your computer?

I tried to install word 2010 in my computer But appeared a message like this msxml version 6.10.1129.0 to be installed ion your computer?

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You have linux loaded on your computer and you want to load windows XP is it possible if yes how?

Yes. If it's already installed, merely point your bootloader to your Windows XP partition/hard drive. If it's not already installed boot the computer with a Windows XP install disk and follow the instructions. Note: Microsoft will be discontinuing support for XP soon, may want to choose a more up to date version.