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Why would your husband change the tone of his phone conversations when you are nearby?

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βˆ™ 2006-08-03 14:31:54

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Presumably in order to try to deceive you - to make the call sound plain and matter of fact, when it's really anything but that. Have you considered confronting him about this?

2006-08-03 14:31:54
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Is it legal to record phone conversations?

Yes, as long as the conversation is between you and another person, it is legal to record phone conversations. It becomes illegal when you plant a device on someone else's phone to record their private conversations.

Can cell phone conversations be retrieved?

In general, cell phone conversations are not recorded by the carrier. It is possible that, in a legal situation, that a phone may be wiretapped and recorded. However, that rarely occurs.

Are cell phone conversations recorded?


How can I record a conversation on my cellphone?

You are able to record conversations on your cell phone easily and discreetly. You can visit for tips and software on capturing cell phone conversations.

How long can one hack all mails and tap all phone conversations of a girl?

Never. Hacking mails and tapping phone conversations is illegal without an appropriate warrant.

Can a samsung flight 2 show conversations?

Sadly, no! This phone dosn't have conversations which was one of the reasons I didn't like this phone. Still, the keyboard is great and this thing has tons of apps.

What should you do if your husband confessed he is physically attracted to someone else but says he loves you yet their long phone conversations hurt you even though there is no physical contact?

if your husband is connecting with another woman on an emotional or physical level, he is not getting from the relationship with you what he should be. Ditch him and find somebody who thinks you are enough for them and doesn't need to have long phone conversations with another woman. Even if the relationship is not physical now, it soon will be.AnswerWhat if he promise me that he will talk to the girl over the phone in front of me. So, I can hear their conversations. Will you consider this type of situation a cheating still? Please advise. Thanks. AnswerLady, I'm not usually this blunt, but it's time you faced reality. If my husband talked on an emotional level with a girl on the phone in front of me that phone would be "up where the sun don't shine" and the ringing would be coming out of his nostrils! Get some dignity and sit this guy down and tell him to grow up, get counseling with you or get out!

Why would a wife be responsible to change her cell number and email address if her husband was the one who had the affair?

If the phone is registered in her name and she also has a personal email address then she does not have to change a thing and it is up to her husband to change his cell number and email address.

Can you dial 800?

Only if there is a 'phone nearby

Is it illegal to record phone conversations in Texas?

Not as long as you are a party to that conversation.

What companies provide services to record cell phone conversations?

to find the answer to your question: What companies provide services to record cell phone conversations? please see the following website to learn more:

Is the technology available to convert spoken English into spanish during cell phone conversations?

. . .

Can Colorado police record cell phone conversations?

Yes if they really wanted to but I dout that they will.

Is there anything you can do to prevent someone from listening to your phone conversations?

Speak in a language they don't understand :)

How do you tape phone conversations on cell phones?

There is recording feature in the advanced phones with memory.

Can you record phone conversations in the state of Virginia?

The law concerning recording phone conversations in the state of VA is that as long as one party has the knowledge of the taping...for instance, if you and any other person are talking on the phone, you can tape it. You cant tape a conversation of two people who do not know about it...for instance, your child and their parent.

Why do phone calls going to your cell phone go to your husband magic jack on his computer?

Because your husband has set them up that way.

Can you change your contract phone into a prepaid phone?

can you change a prepaid phone into a conctract phone

Barney Fife Imaginary Girlfriend?

Juanita. She was never shown on the show, just phone conversations.

How do ideas and information move in Italy?

email, phone, conversations, newspaper, internet, billboards, T.V

Is it possible to hear other conversations using another cell phone?

yes..........if your enstein............maybe

What is a negative externality of a cell phone?

a conversation that annoys people nearby.

Can you record a conversation with a cop without them knowing and use it in your defense?

First, you cannot record conversations over the phone, most states deem it a felony. However, if they are out in public or just 'outside" yes, you can as anyone could hear the conversation, therefore there is no expectation of privacy.Another View: Use caution in following the advice of the first answer. Many states apply the same criteria to face-to-face recorded conversations as they do to phone conversations. It will depend on your state laws and, in the case of interstate phone conversations, what the state law of the out-of-state party may be.

What are the different kinds of mobile communications?

From a mobile phone you can communicate many different ways such as: texting, e-mail, phone conversations, and social networking.

Could a cell phone accidentally detonate a bomb nearby?

A cell phone can hardly accidentally detonate a bomb nearby. Bombs are usually set in form or circuits which will be used with a specific combination so as to be detonated.