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by the way the vehicle in question is a 95 Honda civic ex all responses are appreciated

If you have power to and from the switch AND a new motor, it sounds like you missed the ground wire somewhere inside the door. I know that's a little vague but I don't think there can be much else wrong.

Honda is notorious for their power windows binding or moving up and down very slowly. There is an easy cure to fix your power windows if you are experiencing this problem. You don't have to take the door panels apart either. Power the windows almost all the way down. Leave about an inch of window showing. DO NOT USE WD-40 or any similar lubricant. Rather, use some form of spray lithium grease and use a can that has the long thin nozzle like you would find on a can of WD-440.

Stick the nozzle down between the window and side track and spray liberally on both sides of the window. Also spray the track on either side going up from the window to the top of the window frame. Open and close the window a few times to ensure the window is moving freely. Repeat the process if necessary and perform this as a matter of routine maintenance.

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Q: Why would your power window motor not work if you have power to the switch and also power leaving the switch i have also tried a new motor and nothing is working please help?
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