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This answer really applies to any vehicle. The A/C puts an incredible load on the engine. If you have a problem with your cooling system, it has a hard time recooperating when the A/C is on. Your A/C clutch turns on and off several times while you are driving, it does this by using a sensor on the low side (and in some cases the high side), typically it is called a pressure cycling switch. It does this automatically (assuming it's working ok, which it sounds like yours is). When your compressor comes on, your engine receives a load, and also with the condensor (usually right in front of the radiator, it looks like a radiator) on the front of the car trying to expell heat, it is harder for the cooling system to keep the engine cool, so it heats up. When your pressure drops on the low side of your A/C (this is normal) and your compressor clutch disengages (shuts off) there is less load on the engine, and as such is easier to cool. That explains the normal fluctuations you might see in temperature. If you are seeing rapid or extreme changes, which it sounds like you are, I would recommend delving into your cooling system. Start with your electric fans behind the radiator, the way they function, is that they should come on when your car is warmed up, to regulate temperature (obviously), however, they should also come on anytime your A/C is turned on, regardless of engine temperature. This is to anticipate the increased load and heat from the engine, and to immediately get air moving across the condensor, which is a vital part to the A/C system anyway. What I'm saying, is turn your A/C on, check your fan(s) If you have two and only one is spinning, I would suspect the non-functioning fan, as typically they both will spin when the A/C is on, you might be able to jumper wires to test the non-functioning fan. If the fans aren't working, then that is probably your problem, check your fans, relays, fuses, etc. If the fan(s) are functioning properly with the A/C on, turn your car off, let it cool, and check your coolant level in your radiator, if that is ok, you may have a sticking thermostat, or other restriction in your cooling system. A faulty water pump could also create a problem. If you only see overheating (or near overheating for that matter) when your A/C is on, It is, in my opinion, most likely an issue with your fan(s). Good Luck, Scott C. The Shade Tree Technician LLC / Wichita, KS

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Q: Why would your temp gauge go up and down to the point of almost overheating especially when the AC is on in a 2000 Olds Intrigue?
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How do you know if Oldsmobile intrigue is overheating?

The gauge on the far right side of the gauge cluster is your engine temperature gauge. The normal operating temperature is at the half-way mark. If the needle raises above the 3/4 mark then the car is overheating. A light will come on also if it begins to overheat.

Had coolant reservoir replaced 2 days ago gauge is reading hot and then it will go back down to normal but its not overheating 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue?

Air bubbles remaining in the system

Why is1999 ford expedition showing overheating when it is not overheating?

Fault temp gauge.

2002 olds intrigue fuel gauge?

Yup, it has one!

How do you know if your motorcycle is overheating if you have no temp gauge?

If there is no temperature gauge on a motorcycle, the way to tell if the motorcycle is overheating is by smell or feel. If the bike smells like radiator hot water, it might be overheating. If the legs of the operator start to become so warm that it is uncomfortable to ride, it might be overheating.

What make temperature go up but car is not overheating?

if the temperature goes up on ur gauge but it is not overheating means ur thermostat is no good

Why would a 1997 chrysler lhs temperature gauge read hot?

Engine is overheating, faulty gauge, faulty temp sensor......

How do you tell if car is overheating in a 2000 explorer?

Commonly check the temp gauge on the dash.

What causes 1998 civic gauge to read over heating?

First off its a gauge not Gage and second the engine overheating would be the culprit their, genius.

DODGE RAM 1500 turn on engine then the check gauge light comes on and temp gauge goes off the scale?

Is it overheating? If it is check the coolant level, waterpump, fan, etc. If not overheating check the wiring, temp sesnor, pcm, etc.

Why is a BMW 3I8i E46 temp gauge stays on the red mark when you start the engine after overheating and had left it for more than a day?

Because the gauge is broken.

Your check gauge light goes on and temperature gauge reads HOT intermittently and the car is not overheating so what might be the problem?

you could have abad temp sensor

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