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Check your owner manual for fuse location and description. Probably just a bad fuse.

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Why does the dome lights stay on when the switch is turned off 2001 Ford Explorer super?

why does the dome lights stay on when the switch is turened off 2001 ford explorer super

Disable daylight running lights of ford explorer?

The daylight running lights of a Ford Explorer can be turned off by using the manual headlight control switch. Place the switch in the middle position to turn the daytime running lights off. The headlights will then need to be turned on manually at dusk.

After replacing all four grounds and headlight switch why would parking lights go off when headlights are on?

That's how 1964 1/2 thru 1967 Mustangs lights are designed to operate.. when the headlamps are turned on the amber parking lights are turned off. That was changed sometime in 1967-68 so that the amber parking lights remain on when the headlamps are on.. It is possible to install a later model (1968) type headlight switch and wiring if you really want the parking lights to remain on when the headlamps are on however. Electrical Wiring drawings are available (to purchase) for every year mustang from almost any mustang restoration shop/website.

How do you turn off daytime running lights in a ford explorer 2003?

If the Explorer is running engaging the parking brake is supposed to turn the daytime running lights off , otherwise the daytime running lights are supposed to shut off when the engine is shut off . I have a 2004, Eddie Bauer Explorer. On the light switch itself, there is a selection to turn on or off the day lights, as well as the extended, courtesy lights after ignition is turned off.

Why do your ford explorer power door lock button lights stay on when the vehicle is turned off?

If the lights in your lock buttons remain on after the truck is powered off, you may have a problem with your fuse. It the light remaining on could be because you have an electrical problem in your Ford Explorer, as well.

When are the Christmas lights turned on in New York city?


How do you get automatic interior lights to turn on when you open the door on a Ford Explorer?

Has your gauge lighting dimmer switch ( to the right of your headlight switch ) been turned all the way down ( or to one side ? ) Depending on the year of Ford Explorer that can keep your interior lights from coming on when you open a door

01 Chevy 1500 van brake lights go out except 3rd when headlamps turned on?

The sub harnesses go bad and lose their ground and must be replaced. This sub harness contains the light sockets for the rear lights. there is one on each side of the car. I've had to replace mine twice.

Did Taylor swift turned down the RCA?

Yes she did, they wouldnt allow her to record her own songs which is what she wanted to do so she then turned them down.

How do you make the lights go out when driving during the day on the 2002 Ford Explorer sport trac?

Ok, I have a 2002 Ford Explorer Sport (not a trac, but I believe most of the electrical system is similar). My lights went off when I turned the switch that is toward the bottom of the rear view mirror all the way to the left.

How do you turn on the parking lights on a 2002 Volkswagen beetle?

The parking lights are turned on when the headlights are on and you pull out on the light switch. The parking lights cannot be turned on by themselves.

Why aren't your dashboard lights working in your explorer?

On your dash, just to the right of the headlight switch is a dimmer wheel switch for your dash lights. Make sure that hasn't been rotated all the way down. ( note; when the dimmer wheel is turned all the way up that turns on all the courtesy lights inside the Explorer and they will stay on with the doors closed) Use the dimmer wheel to adjust the brightness of your gauge lighting.

What could cause the dome lights front and back to not turn off on a 2002 Ford Explorer?

If the dimmer switch for the dash lights are turned all the way to bright and then clicked one more time the interior lights will come on and stay. Try turning down your dash lights. It might also be a broken or bent door pin.

What is a circuit where the lights are turned off called?

Lights are off when the circuit is open.

Why would the parking lights stay on after the car is put into park and the engine is turned off?

if you leave the parking lights switch "ON" the lights will remain on, even if the car has been turned off.

91 s10 stalls when the headlights are turned on what could be wrong?

An electrical short when you turn your headlights on. Check the fuses and make sure you have the correct fuse for the headlamps. Check all wiring to the headlamps, check for corrosion of the cabling or melting of the insulation.

How do you make a circuit so the lights can be turned on and off separatley?

To design a circuit so that lights can be turned on and off separately, we connect the circuit in parallel.

What hours of the night must the lights of your vehicle be turned on?

you can have your car lights on at any time but you do not have to have them on

Why would the front and back interior lights always stay on in a 1995 explorer?

pretty easy really, make sure your interior lights are not turned on. Your headlights control should also be the interior light controller. Turn it clockwise or counterclockwise to turn your interior lights off. You'll run your battery down if you dont

When i 2005 escape you turned on headlights and radio lights went out turned off headlights lights came back on radio?

If you turn up your interior dashboard light settings, then the radio display will be brighter too. The radio dims to the setting for the dashboard when the lights are turned on.

Where do you find the fog lights in a ford focus to switch them on?

When you have your head lights turned on (the switch turned to the right all the way), pull that same switch out towards you

Does a car burn more gasoline when its lights are turned on?

head lights, dome lights, blinkers, any light.... ABSOLUTELY NOT!!

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