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im goin through the same problem right was suggested to me to check the thermostat

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Q: Why you have ac and no heat?
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Why does your Ford Focus over heat when i turn the ac on?

why does my ford focus over heat when i turn the ac on

How many joules of energy are necessary to heat the steam from 100.0 AC to 114.0 AC if the specific heat of steam is 2.01 Jg AC?


Why is the ac and heat working at the same time?

The ac unit compressor will run when it is in defroster mode and heat setting is on.

Can ac heat the room in winter?

I'm assuming you have central air conditioning (ac) and not a window unit? If you have an AC unit that is described as a "heat pump" then yes. The heat-pump is designed to heat your home in colder weather. The AC - heat-pum unit should be able to heat your home down to about 20* Fahrenheit. After the heat pump loses it's efficiency, you would manually select emergency heat on your thermostat, this is a good way to determine if you have a heat-pump unit as well .

Why ac unit fails to heat?

An AC unit isn't supposed to heat! If you mean a heat pump, then you may have a relay switch problem. Or maybe, your thermostat is in the cooling mode. Contact a repairman.

Can you have two thermostats for one AC unit?

yes, if the ac unit has 2 zones, you will need a thermostat for each zone. if the ac unit provides both ac and heat, you can connect a thermostat for each. not a good way to go. better to use 1 therm in that case that has a heat-cool switch on it so the unit is not putting out both heat and ac at the same time.

Why does Ac work but heat is on too?

The AC runs to remove moisture from the air inside your vehicle. Moisture causes the fog inside of your windows. The ac runs to remove the moisture and the heater runs to heat the air.

Why is my fan on my ac unit not coming on when i turn the heat on?

The fan on the ac unit is only for ac. When heat is needed only the burner in the furnace turn on and is pushed throughout the house with a separate blower inside the furnace.

How do you get rid of heat if you have no AC?

Use a fan

Do you need an AC unit to have heat in a mustang?


You turn your heat or ac on and nothing happens what could this mean?

There are a number of reasons you can turn your AC or heat on and nothing will happen. The system may not be hooked up.

If Ac system broke can your car still over heat?

Umm yes because there is no AC........

Heat pump Or gas furnace and AC unit which system to install?

Your location matters. If in Florida heat pump in more northern climes furnace & ac.

Will you damage your vehicle by running the AC and heat simultaneously?


Why does your car heat work and not your AC?

They are separate systems...

1997 ford E350 motorhome your ac wont switch over to heat?

1997 ford moterhome E350 with a V10 Triton engine My AC will not switch over to heat

If you have a heat pump do you need an ac to to cool the house?

No, the heat pump will also cool the home.

Does the Goodman CK60-1C have a heat pump?

ck60-1c is not a heat pump. it is an ac only

How do you work traine ac?

i have a heat pump made by traine need a book tolearn how to work the ac can you help

The heat in my 96 Dodge Intrepid is not working but the fan does blow into the car it just won't heat up and the AC belt is not on it could that be interfering with my heat?

The thermostat may be stuck open, replace it. No ac belt won't effect the heater.

What does the heater control switch do?

It adjusts the heat in the car so you can control your AC and heat to the temperature you like.

Can you save heat energy released in a refrigerator or AC?


Why does my 99 silverado have no heat or ac fuses look good blower motor works great.?

Why does my 99 silverado have no heat and the ac fuses look good and blower motot works great

Why does Heat comes out your vents even with ac on in 1999 bravada?

The most likely reason is your AC system needs recharged.

Why does your Rear control only Blow cold air on your 99 Tahoe?

There were 2 options for the rear control units, 1 was AC only, 1 was heat and AC. If your controls above the second seat only have 1 knob, it's AC only, the heat/AC version has 3 knobs. The correct Answer: 1996 - 2000 (Old Body Style) Tahoes and Yukons only got the rear air option. Suburbans and Yukon XL's get the Heat and AC option.