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Vacuum leak?

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Q: Why your 1997 Astro van revs very high?
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Your fiesta has a Lack of power in third gear revs go very high?

you need a new clutch

Your 98 ranger periodically revs very high between shifting gears and when you stop?

Try your idle air control valve.

Why does your 91 Toyota Celica idle rough at times and accelerate very rough at low revs before smoothing out at high revs?

My Celica is doing that as well. my uncle knows a thing or two about cars said it could be a Catalytic converter problem...

Why does my vauxhall frontera engine rev very high when i start it it revs so high that i have to turn it off its almost like the throttle is stuck to the floor which it isn't it just new head gasget?

Vacuum hose off?

Can you syphon gas from a 1997 Chevy Astro?

Maybe with a very small hose. There is a spring in the line going to the tank to prevent a normal siphon hose from reaching the tank.

Motor revs but car car moves very slow?

It's probably the clutch.

What was the popular fashion in 1997?

a very high heel people were super crazy that year

When Start car up in cold weather and revs are very high wen started warm the revs are normal any ideas on the problem?

you probably have a gummed up Idle Air Control motor ( iac). . take it off & clean it, . .or go some place & have a throttle housing service performed. .

What is causing your 1995 astro van to idle very high?

try your tps sensor . means throttle position . may be giving a false reading. /

What was the very first anime?

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When does the astro boy movie come out?

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How do you change cluck on aircondition in 1997 Chevrolet astro min van?

You need a clutch puller tool(Special tool)! As well as good luck, Some are very difficult to impossible.

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