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Will Medicaid pay for gall bladder surgery?

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It depends on your situation and what state that you live in. I live in North Carolina and they paid for my Mom to have hers taken out. Good luck and God Bless:)

2006-09-07 02:35:29
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Does alcohol affect you differently after gall surgery?

It depends on the surgery. You do not say whether your gall bladder was removed or whether you had gall stones removed. If you no longer have your gall bladder it would pay you to refrain from alcohol for a few months to allow your body to adapt to life without its gall bladder. Either way when it comes to alcohol proceed with caution, you may find less is best these days, don't overdo it because you will regret it. Consider those days over, you'll adapt very quickly and prefer it.

Will Medicaid pay for gastric bypass surgery?

will medicaid (new york state) pay for gastric bypass?

Do Medicaid pay for liposuction?

No. They don't pay for elective cosmetic surgery.

Will Mississippi Medicaid Pay For Tubal Reversal Surgery?


Why does Kentucky medicaid pay for weight loss surgery?

Medicare and Medicaid will cover the surgery if you are "morbidly obese"; this always requires prior approval.

Does Medicare or Medicaid pay for liposuction?

No. Neither Medicare nor Medicaid pay for elective cosmetic surgery procedures, like liposuction.

Does Medicaid pay for keloid removal?

Yes Medicaid does pay for scar removal. I was in a very bad car accident. and I've had medicaid pay for the last 5 years of my plastic surgery. Some of it may be considered cosmetic. but I have alot of trauma to my face and neck. so Medicaid does pay for it.

Will IL medicaid pay for gastric bypass surgery?

There is one hospital per general region that does allow medicaid to pay for it. Such as U of I at Chicago Hospital in that region.

Does medicaid pay for lap band surgery?


Does nebraska medicaid pay for gastric bypass surgery?

Yes it will pay for all bariatric surgeries if you meet the medical guidelines

does meidcaide pay for the lap band surgery?

If you are considered to have morbid obesity or end-stage renal disease Medicare/Medicaid may pay the full or partial cost of the Lap Band surgery.

Will Medicaid pay for reconstructive surgery after weight loss?

i WOULD SAY NO, My mother had an mastomecty, and they wouldn't do it for her. Usually if it cosmetic they will not

Will Medicaid pay for a lift chair?

will medicaid pay for a uplift chair

Will Medicaid pay for lipo?

Medicaid does not pay for unnecessary cosmetic procedures.

Can Medicaid pay to get your tubes untried?

Can medicaid pay to get my tubes untried

Will Indiana medicaid pay for gastric bypass surgery if you are 150 pounds over weight with health problems?

Read the policy. If you cannot figure it out, call the local medicaid office and ask.

Does your medicaid cover a tummy tuck in Ny?

No!! BTW, They don't pay for breast augmentation either! If you're in prison they may pay for Sex Reassignment Surgery!

Will Medicaid pay for tummy tuck?

i was wondering will my medicaid will pay for a tummy tuck?

I'm worried I can't afford my bariatric surgery. How much does it cost Will medicaid cover some of it?

Bariatric surgery is about 20 thousand with aftercare. Medicaid may pay for some of you cost, but will not likely cover the entire procedure. The surgery must be needed because of other medical conditions besides obesity.

Why does medicaid pay to get your tubes tied after giving birth but will not pay to get them reversed?

Medicaid does not pay for fertility treatment.

Can medicaid pay for breast implants?

i don't think so, breast implants are elective surgery nd not somethig u need

Does Medicaid pay for braces in Mississippi?

No Medicaid does not pay for braces in Mississippi. You will need insurance.Why medicaid will not cover it.. Instead of braces you could get invaslign!!

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does medicaid pay for code 74740

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