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First of all a minor and any person who accompanies or aids in anyway the minor to leave the resident state without parental permission is committing a federal offense. (18 U.S.C. 2243 and 18 U.S.C. 2423). The idea that no one would be able to find the couple is not feasible, it might take some time but they definitely would be located. Simple logic, people know of the relationship, his parents no doubt have access to his SS# and other identifying information when questioned they would legally be required to give such information to authorities. Financial transactions such as renting an apartment cannot be done without the use of pertinent information for example, the address of the last place of residence, SS#, and valid identification such as a driver license. Since stronger national security laws have been implemented any persons behaving in an unusual manner will come to the attention of authorities in a very short period of time. The couple would be "able to" temporarily, but the resulting consequences when they were taken into custody would not be pleasant, especially for the 18-year old male who would be considered a legal adult. He could be charged with delinquency of a minor and possibly statuatory rape

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Q: Will a 16-year-old be able to move to California with her 18-year-old boyfriend without parental consent if nobody knows where they are and could they get an apartment in his name only?
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