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Will a 1993 stealth run without the ECM?

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Nope. The engine computer controls everything from spark timing to fuel/air mixture. There's no way you'll get it to run without it.

2006-08-24 03:31:21
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Q: Will a 1993 stealth run without the ECM?
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How can you run your 86 Monte Carlo without the ecm?

Car and distributor would have to be replaced

Can a 1993 Chrysler Lebaron still run when it's ECM is not hooked up?

It will not run if the engine computer is unhooked.It will not run if the engine computer is unhooked.

Will removing the ecm fuse cause problems?

Since the ecm (engine control module) is necessary to run a modern car, the simple answer is: Yes. Not having the year, make or model, exactly what the ecm controls in this instance is unknown. But regardless, the vehicle will not operate without it. Also, removing the fuse and therefore removing power from the ECM may cause all the learned engine parameters revert to their initial state and your engine may not run as well or get as good mileage until the ECM relearns new parameters.

Will a 1993 Grand Marquis run without the air conditioner compressor?

Yes. Disconnect the belt & it will run fine.

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What do the ecm do for your car?

The Engine Control Module (ECM) or sometimes called the ECU is what the layman would call the computer. It manages many systems in a car depending on the manufacture. It controls the fuel/air mixture, and all emissions controls in the vehicle. It can control other aspects of the vehicle. Without the ECM your car would not run.

Can you run with out diesel dpf?

Without going through the entire deletion process, no... if the DPF is missing, the sensors will send an error message to the engine ECM, which will then derate the engine.

What can cause a 1992 dodge stealth rt to run perfectly and just shut down and start back up a fiew hours later and shut down again each time it shuts down it does it suddenley like it lost spark?

Ignition module? ECM? I module and ecm do not work check fuel pump presure. Could be bad fuel pump or pluggedup fuel filter

Can you bypass the ecm to run your fuel pump in your 1991 camaro?

No. The ECM not only actuates the fuel pump, but also adjusts the rate at which it pumps fuel.

What if your car computer has failed?

If the computer, aka Engine Control Module (ECM) had a major melt down the engine would not start or run. Different functions of the ECM could fail and the engine may continue to run and the check engine light would illuminate. It is seldom the ECM is at fault.

Will it run without a transfer case on a 1993 Chevy 2500 4x4?

NO. There's no way to hook the driveshaft to the transmission.

Will the pick up coil in a distributor keep you from hearing the fuel pump run a couple of seconds when you turn the ignition on in a 1993 Taurus 3.0 you replaced the ECM and the ignition coil?

No. The fuel pump should run for 2 seconds when the key is cycled from off to run, regardless of whether there is a problem in the ignition system or not.

Why does my 92' stealth rt run rough?

it runs a little rough at first!

Do you need an ecu for a 1991 dodge stealth?

Yes, the computer is required to run the engine.

Can you replace a 4l60e trans with a r700 and make it work?

You can but the vehicle won't run right. The 4L60E helps the engine run correctly. If you look at the 700R4 it has a kick down cable where as the 4L60E doesn't. It is run by the ECM and inputs from the engine. This Trans is totally run by the ECM, it takes care of the shifting points when driving. So yes you can but it won't run right.

Can you bypass ecm on 1991 Geo Tracker?

If I read your question correctly, no. The ECM (engine Control Module) is the computer that controls the engine injector and all it's related idle controls. In addition, it controls all the smog controls and mixture to the engine. It would be tough for the engine to run correctly without proper control. Don't be scared of the ECM and the related controls, they are all very predictable.

What are the release dates for Run Saber - 1993 - VG?

Run Saber - 1993 - VG was released on: UK: 1993 USA: 8 June 1993

Can you run a 1996 dodge stealth without the thermostat?

yes but if your motor starts running too cold and it will affect your emissions and you will have poor gas mileage engines today has to run at a specific temperature for the emissions control systems to work properly and it does cause other problems

Will an LT 1 motor run good with the tbi off of a 305 on it?

It will run the same, The computer is what controls the injectors, And your not changing the ECM. RIGHT.

What does the snow flake button for the climate control do on a 1993 dodge stealth?

This is the A/C button...unlike some cars the stealth does not REQUIRE you to run the a/c with the defrost and other settings. You just push this button once and it should light up orange this is low a/c. push one more time it turns green. this is max a/c. one more time and its off.

Hello 1992 dodge stealth DOHC non turbo will start and run for two or three seconds and dies starts up without any problems again before this the check engine light was on bu the car was driveable?

I Currently Have the same problem, My 1993 Stealth was doing the same thing. I took it into a certified shop and found out it is a MAJOR electrical issue. They are still currntly working on it but said its difficult to locate because they need to check and test EVERY Electrical component and wire in the whole vehicle.

91 tracker will not start No pulsed DC to injectors can this be bypassed vs new ecm?

NO. You must have an ecm to run the injectors, as they require the proper drop ballast resistors that are in the ecm among other factors of proper fuel injector control that only the ecm can manage properly based on other sensor inputs for different driving conditions.

Is there any command to run a batch file in background?

Nope, there are no such things as a batch file that can run in stealth mode. A batch file is too simple to go as far as that. If you are trying to do this, I would recommend you legally learn about hacking. If that feature is enabled, you can run a whole lot of nasty stuff in there without the user knowing what is happening.

1993 dodge stealth ignition module?

Where is the ignition module located on a 1993 Dodge Stealth? Ignition control module is located directly under the coil pack. (where the plug wires run into). It's a small black box, only about 3" X 3", and has two plugs going into it. It's held on by two Phillips head screws, which I use a 90 degree Phillips driver to get to one, and a long screwdriver for the other. You can also take off the bracket it sits on.

What makes a 4.3 ECM different from a 5.7 ECM?

The injector pulse would be different the sensor readings would be different so engine would never run smooth IF even started.