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Will a 2000 Dodge Intrepid door fit on a 1999 Dodge Intrepid?

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Yes, 2nd Generation Intrepid was made from 1999 through 2004 IDENTICAL Cars Actually, it was 1998 through 2004.

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it's on the drivers side door or in the box under the hood.

Check the label on the drivers door jamb. It will have the original size listed.

It is part of the latch, inside the door.

The automatic door locks on a Dodge Intrepid won't work if the fuse or switch are bad. These two components should be checked first to narrow down the cause.

how to remove a door lock cylinder on 2000 dodge neon

i have the same problem and the dealership told me it was a malfunction of the car and you could replace the motor

i believe 3 screws on the bottom of panel, pop square tab in door handle compartment with flathead, unscrew, and another under ashtray dish, gently lift panel out

To get to the side mirror switch on a 2002 Dodge Intrepid look on the driver side door. The mirror switch is located just above the window up and down switches.

I think your refering to the door in the heater housing that directs air to vents, floor or defroster vents, there is also a blend actuator that mixes heated or cooled air to give the correct temperature from the selector.

You can get a diagram for your 2000 Dodge Caravan rear door hatch handle and most Dodge dealerships. Your local library will have Dodge service manuals with the diagram.

The speakers in a 2003 Dodge Intrepid measure 6 3/4 inches in the front door. The rear door deck speakers measure 6 3/4 inches and the front dash speakers measure 3 1/2 inches.

in the door (6 1/2) then theres tweeters on the inside part of the mirror (only with infiniti system only) then theres 2 6x9 in the back

My '98 intrepid will arm/disarm the factory alarm when you use the key in the driver's side door. Maybe that works on a 2001 also?

Check the label on the drivers door jamb. Could be a couple of different sizes.

1994 DODGE INTREPID..DISABLE ALARM You can't remove it. It is part of the computer progamming. You should be able to disarm it by unlocking the drivers door with a key, or with remote. If the door key doesn't turn it off, the switch on the key cylinder has come unhooked.

inside the glove box....if not there then open the driver door, and it will be on the side of the dash exposed when the driver side door is open

Buy an Lexus RX300, I have had it since 2000 with no problems unlike the 1998 Intrepid that I replaced. Open drivers door. On the side of dash there is a pannel with a handle in it. pull that off an there is the fuses. look on back of cover you pulled off to see what 1 it is.

I recommend visiting It's a site for owner of intrepids and the other cars on the same platform. If you ask your question there, I'm sure you'll find an answer, and a lot more!

most likely on the passenger side underneath the rear door just before the rear tire.

Most came with a 225/60 R16. Check on the drivers door or door pillar and it should be on the tag. If not, your local tire store should have a fitment guide that will tell you or phone the dealer with the VIN number and the service dept. will tell you.

first you remove a screw cover in the door handle, remove the screw,then at the bottom you will find some screws, then pull bottom section of the penal and push upwards, and out, support the penal . the wires for the power window are attached to the penal

The easiest thing to do would be to bring it to a local mechanic. They will be able to figure out why the door will not open and fix it without further damaging it or the car.

No, the 2 door coupe in 2000 was the FJ body Avenger. The 2 door ST body Stratus came out in 2001.

Small screwsriver pop the metal speaker covers off..easy access to speakers from there

Yes, it is an exact fit, but there are some cosmetic differences.

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