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Will a 97 mirage 1.5L cylinder head fit on a 95 mirage 1.5L?

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Answered 2008-11-13 20:11:12

It most definitely does not. The 97 is 180 degrees inverted from the 95. Completely different.

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Will your 2.3 4 cylinder from your tempo fit in my jeep Cherokee?

No, a Ford head will not fit on a Jeep motor.No, a Ford head will not fit on a Jeep motor.

What is the type of fit used between the valve guide and the cylinder head?

press fit

Will the f20b cylinder head fit on the f22b cylinder block?

Yes it can as well as the h22/23

Does 98 mirage trans fit in 95 mirage?


Will a ford transit connect cylinder head fit a ford c max?


Does a 4 door mitsubishi mirage headlight fit into a 2 door mitsubishi mirage?


Will a 1992 Honda Civic cylinder head fit on a 1987 Honda Civic block?


Will the head off a 292 Chevy 6 cylinder fit on a 235 Chevy engine?

no the inside of the head will be a different size

Can you put a yz250 head and cylinder on a yz125 bottom end?

If there the same year it should fit.

Would it be better to replace a head gasket or put in a recon engine on a y reg fiesta zetec?

Bit of a tricky one ... It all depends on the condition of the cylinder head. If the cylinder head is warped then replacing the head gasket won't solve your problem. A warped cylinder head can be skimmed (if not too badly warped). If the cylinder head is badly warped then it would be much easier to replace the head than fit another engine.

Will a cylinder head from a 1995 talon turbo fit on a 1990 talon turbo?

nope, depends if its turbo or not

What is the clearance between piston and cyclender head?

Piston is the device with a cup like shape that fit completely in the Cylinder.

Will a 6 cylinder motor fit in a 4 cylinder 04 Hyundai sonata?

theres more than ! head u would need a new wiring harness

What is the best way to make a rod fit into a cylinder?

ill fit my rod into your cylinder

Will a 4d56 non-turbo engine cylinder head fit on a 4d56 turbo engine block?

no...they are wont fit the block of a non turbo 4d56 engine...

Will a 4 cylinder engine fit in a 5 cylinder car?

Yes, you can make it fit with major modifications.

Would a 1997 Honda Accord sunroof 4 cylinder fit 6 cylinder?

would a 1997 honda accord sunroof 4 cylinder fit a 6 cylinder?

Will a cylinder head off of a 1998 1.8 fit on a 2002 2.0 Both are 16 valve double overhead cam heads and look alike?

No, it will not fit. They may look the same but they are not.

Does a 1990 rm 125 cylinder fit a 1988 rm 125?

No, the 1990 RM cylinder doesn't fit the 1988 cylinder. The 1988 cylinder is the only year that'll fit on a 1988 motor. This was the first year Suzuki did that. It actually sucks because I have a 1988 RM 125 I've been trying to get a cylinder for. And the 1988 cylinder is the only match. Nothing else would fit.

Does a1987 Cylinder Head Yamaha Warrior 350 fit on a 1999 warrior 350?

i have a 1987 warrior and i tryed it on a 2001 and it didnt work.

Can a 95 eclipse dimmer switch fit in a 2000 mirage?

yes you can with additional modification.

How do you change head gasket on Pontiac grand am 3.4?

But a new gasket. Using the appropriate tools remove cylinder head and all attached items according to manufacturers instructions. Remove existing gasket and clean cylinder block and head. Fit new gasket according to instructions and reattach removed items.

What transmision years will fit 99 mazda 626 4-cylinder?

will fit 1998 and 1999 models only.

Will a 6-cylinder motor fit in a 8 cylinder ford?


Will a 2003 yz 125 cylinder fit a 2001?

yes!! but you want to look at the head bolts make sure that the head you want to use doesn.t have the lone bolt in the five pattern in the front.