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I believe they will interchange,just look at the wire plug and look at the bolt pattern that will tell you for sure. I asked the question, because I am a dolt when it comes to car repair. I don't actually have the part. I asked, because I wanted to buy a new blower motor, but the one on the jcwhitney website was for a 1992 Firebird, rather than my actual model and year (they do not have one for my specific car). I don't want to waste the money and get a part that won't fit. Thanks for the answer, though.


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no their not front wheel drive you must be thinking of a Pontiac grand am or a grand prix

The 99 Pontiac Bonneville, Firebird and Grand Prix came with the 3.8 engine. The Sunfire came with the 2.2 or the 2.4. The Montana came with the 3.4. The Grand Am came with the 2.4 or the 3.4. The Firebird Trans Am and the Firebird Formula, the 5.7. Only the Grand Prix SE came with the 3.1.

Check for a bad blower resistor at blower motor

The blower rheostat on a 93 Pontiac Grand Am is located inside the engine bay, just to the right of the blower fan housing. It is almost directly behind the trans dipstick. It isn't that hard to replace.

Resistor is located behind the blower motor assembly.

trying to locate ,the resister to the blower motor foe 2003 grand prix gt

Usually against the passenger firewall

Please email me a photo of where the blower motor resistor is and how to change it. Thanks, Michael. By the way I want it for a 2000 Sunfire not a Grand Am.

Check your fuse box for a blown fuse and also check your connections at the blower motor.

The heater blower motor itself is located under the hood on the passenger side of the car.

I have not found anything that would indicate they they are interchangable

1992 Pontiac grand am ac relay locationi found the relays. they are in the center of the firewall next to the blower case. they are in a case with cover that is bolted to the firewall.

in side under the dash on the passener side of the car

Typically a relay or resistor. But could be a blower switch or blower motor problem.

Underneath the blower motor once you remove it it should be atachech with 3 screws near the upper lining

the resistor is directly behind the blower motor under the dash

What kind of Pontiac? Bonneville, Grand Am, Grand Prix, Firebird, Sunbird, Sunfire, Parisenne, etc? You probably have a bad latch, replace it I just ran across this on my car and all I had to do was check latch alignment and align the latch

i broke down and paid to have this fixed. My mechanic said this is a fairly common problem on the older grand prixs. He had to replace the relay as well as the blower motor, total cost was $400.

On the bottom of the dash on the passenger side remove the black cover then remove the bolts on the blower and disconnect the wire. Reverse above to install.

Bad blower motor fuse? Bad blower motor resistor pack? Bad blower motor - checck to see if it is getting power--if so bad motor Bad switch?

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