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Will a box off a 1989 Toyota fit a 1990?

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βˆ™ 2007-06-06 20:32:45

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By "box" do you mean bed? If so, yes it will.

2007-06-06 20:32:45
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What size speakers fit a 1989 Toyota Cressida?

what size speakers fit in a 1989 Toyota cressida

What will a motor from a 1990 Toyota Corolla fit in?

A 1990 Toyota Corolla.

Will a door from a 1990 Toyota Celica gt fit on a 1990 Toyota Celica gts?


Can a 1990-1995 Toyota 4runner door fit on a 1993 Toyota pickup?


Will a 1989 Toyota Celica motor fit a 1992 Toyota Celica?

it should fit. but make sure the trans lines up. be for you try it

Will a 1986 Toyota 4x4 transmossion fit in a 1989 Toyota?

yes as long as the 1989 pick up is 4x4 also it should bolt up

Will 1990 Toyota 4x4 pickup bed fit 1986 4x4 Toyota pickup?

It will fit, obviously the body styles will clash abit, but no biggy

Will the motor mounts in a 1989 Toyota supra turbo fit in a 1988 Toyota supra turbo for an engine swap?

If they are square, YES!. If they are round, NO!. In 1989, Toyota did a mid year crossmember/engine mount change. The square ones will fit '86 to '89. The round ones will fit '89 to '92.

Will a 1988 Toyota Camry starter fit on a 1990 Toyota pick up 22r-e?


Will a 1990 5 speed transmission fit in a 1986 Toyota truck?


Dose a Toyota v6 motor fit in a 1990 cj jeep?

Physically it will fit, but the engine will not bolt up.

Will a Toyota corolla transmission fit in a Geo Prizm?

what transmission will fit in a 3 speed 1990 geo prizm

Will a 1990 Honda Accord taillight fit a 1989 Honda Accord?

== ==

Will the window from a 1990 Honda Accord fit into a 1989 Honda Accord?


Will a box from a 1987 Toyota Pick up fit on a 1992 Toyota pick up?

what kind of box? if you meen a gear box it will work if they have the same motors and the same goes for a engine controll box

Can 1988 Toyota truck bed fit 1990 Toyota?

Most likely, most truck beds fit other truck beds, especially in the same make.

Will doors from 1989 Toyota fit 1987 Toyota Extra Cab Deluxe pick up?

of course they Will, they have the same dimensions

Will a 1990 Toyota transmission fit into a 1993 Toyota?

no, you need a 92-93 tranny, if you have a 4cyl. auto. they are specific to these years.

Does a 1992 air box of a Honda fit a 1987 Honda?

The answer is no it won't fit. You need an air intake box from a 1986-1989 Accord.

1989 d21 automatic trans fit in 1990 Nissan d21?


Will a 1989 Nissan Pathfiner engine fit a 1990 Nissan Pathfiner?


Would a 1997 Toyota supra engine and trans fit n a 1990 Mazda miata?

Unfortunately, a 1997 Toyota Supra engine and trans would not fit into a 1990 Mazda Miata. The Supra engine and transmission are unable to be mounted correctly within a Miata to make them fit.

Will a 1997 3.0 v6 fit right in a 1990 sr5 pickup with a 3.0 engine Toyota?

No, it will not.

Will a 5.0 engine from 1989 Ford Mustang fit in a 1979 Ford Mustang LX V6 box?

yes, it will fit in

1990 Toyota Corolla DX Transmission fit in 199 Dx2?

it should. they are the same from 88-92