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Will a 1990 Honda civic automatic transmission fit 1990 Honda prelude si?

No. The Prelude has a B20A5 motor. The civic will have a D-series tranny. They will not interchange (B and D series parts do not interchange).

Will a 1987 Ford Bronco II 2.9 engine interchange with a 1990 Ford Bronco II with a 2.9 engine?

yes they will interchange . you should have mo major problems switching them.

Can you take 1990 bronco and swap that automatic transmission for a manual transmission?

Sure, but you will have to change many, many, many other parts along with the transmission. I would suggest purchasing a 1990 Bronco like yours that has a standard transmission to use as a parts car.

What transmission came in a 1990 camaro 305tbi?

it's a 700R4 tranny

What tranny fluid for a 2.3 1990 ranger with a Mazda tranny?

can you answer the question i have a 1990 ford ranger with a Mazda manual transmission what fluid does it require

Where is the location of the transmission filter on a 1990 mercedes-benz 300e?

In the tranny. You have to remove the tranny pan to get to it. Hope this helps.

What can you do to make a 1990 bronco auto transmission shift gears?

drop the transmission pan and change the fluid and trans filter

Will a transmission from a 1990 2.2 four cylinder lebaron interchange with the 1995 6 cylinder lebaron?


How do you add transmission fluid to a 1990 4x4 ford bronco?

If its an automatic just add the fluid right through the dipstick tube, If its a manual theres a plug to remove on the tranny (drivers side I believe) and just add it through there.

Can a 1992 Honda Civic automatic transmission fit a 1992 Honda Accord LX with an automatic transmission?

No it will not interchange. You need an Accord transmission from a 1990-1993.

Where is the modulator valve for a 1990 ford bronco?

it should be located on the back passenger side of the tranny...mine just went and my bronco wont shift gears it stays in second... i plan on fixing it tomorow

Can the intake from a 302 be used to replace a broken intake on a 351 on a 1990 Ford Bronco?

No, the 351 W was a wider lifter valley and the intake will not interchange

What kind of transmission fluid do you use for 1990 ford mustang 5.0L manual Tranny?

Mercon III

Will a C6 transmission bolt into a 1990 ford bronco?

measure both bell housings,dont think they are the same

Where is the transmission control module located on a 1990 Jeep comanche 4wd with a 4sp auto tranny?

in the glove box

Will 1995 4x4 tranny work in 1990 4x4?

NO it will not work. The 1990 computer / Electronics will not shift the 95 transmission. The wireing harness on the 90 model will not even plug up to the 95 model transmission.

Can you make your 96 2 wheel drive gmc trannsmission work in a 1990 4 wheel drive if you use the tail shaft from the 1990 tranny?

No. For one, the transmission from the 96 will be electronically controlled, vs. the mechanically controlled transmission in the 1990.

What type of transmission fluid does a 1990 Acura integra LS auto tranny use?

z1 atf get at Honda dealer

Where is the transmission filter located on a 1990 acura integra ls?

There is no filter in a manual tranny. if you have an automatic there is still no removable filter in it.

Will a 1990 Toyota transmission fit into a 1993 Toyota?

no, you need a 92-93 tranny, if you have a 4cyl. auto. they are specific to these years.

Will a 1990 CRX 5 speed transmission interchange with a 1988 Honda civic 5 speed transmission?

yes they are the same transmission, does not matter if the engine is a d15 1.5 liter or a d16 1.6 liter

What Ford transmission will interchange with a Ford 2.8 liter engine?

will the 5 speed transmition out of a will a 1990 model ford pickup with a 6 cylinder , fit a 1990 modle 302?

How do you drain the transmission fluide on a 1990 Acura Legend?

it on the left side of the tranny pan, behind the front driver side tire

Where do you add tranny fulid to a 1990 ford ranger?

Using a funnel pour, into transmission dipstick cylinder. Driverside firewall where you checked the level.

How do you put serpentine belt on a 1990 ford bronco with a 5.8 engine?

how do put belt on 1990 ford bronco 5.8