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computer uses cam sensor to adjust injector pulse so, yeah , it sure could, if it has one

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What does Ford Diesel Diagnostic Code PO470 mean?

A Ford diesel diagnostic code P0470 means there is an exhaust pressure sensor malfunction. This may be caused by faulty exhaust back pressure sensor, or pressure sensor is open or shorted.

What would a misfire on a 2001 ford crown Victoria?

Faulty spark plug or wireFaulty coil (pack)Faulty oxygen sensor(s)Faulty fuel injectorBurned exhaust valveFaulty catalytic converter(s)Running out of fuelPoor compressionDefective computer

What is the trouble when the check engine lite is on?

Faulty catalytic converter, or sensors in exhaust faulty

How do you fix po174 in my rav4 2001?

This is "Fuel/Air Mixture too lean on bank 2".Possible Causes:Intake air leaksFaulty front heated O2 SensorIgnition MisfireFaulty Fuel InjectorsExhaust gas leakIncorrect Fuel PressureLack of fuelFaulty (MAF) sensorPCV hose connected incorrectly

Why is your 1996 Cuttlas smoking?

Most likely a faulty gasket in the oil system, a faulty catalytic converter or a faulty component in the exhaust system.

Why would the engine while accelerating bog down?

Fuel delivery problems such as a dirty fuel filter, faulty fuel pump, faulty fuel pressure regulator. Restricted exhaust such as a faulty catalytic converter, crushed/bent exhaust pipe.

What prevents the air fuel mixture from leaving?

A faulty exhaust valve

How do you fix a cylinder 2 misfire?

A cylinder misfire could be from a bad spark plug, bad spark plug wire, or a bad coil. It could also be caused by a plugged or faulty fuel injector.

Would the ignition coil in a 1997 cavalier be the reason the car is so noisy?

Only if a faulty coil is causing a misfire. A faulty coil can be diagnosed easily by connecting an oscilloscope and looking at the waveforms.

What are symptoms of faulty catalytic converter 1990 miata?

loss of power.noise rattling from exhaust

How can you tell which o2 sensor is bad?

The DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) will lead you the faulty O2 senser.

What is diagnostic trouble code 39 for 1994 xj6 jaguar?

EGR Circuit (Faulty system operation)

Is it safe to drive with faulty valve seals?

Yes. But you will have smoke from the exhaust, because the oil will seep through between the seal and the valve (exhaust side).

What does P0400 OBD trouble code mean and how do you repair it?

P0400 - Exhaust Gas Recirculation Flow Malfunction Possible causes - Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) solenoid valve harness is open or shorted - Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) solenoid valve circuit poor electrical connection - Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) volume control valve stuck closed - Faulty Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) volume control solenoid valve - Dead (Weak) battery - Faulty EGR temperature sensor and circuit - Faulty EGR Valve

How to repair cylinder misfire on a Toyota Echo 2001?

A cylinder misfire could be caused by multiple issues. Among them: 1. A faulty, old, or corroded spark plug. (~$10 per set to replace) 2. A malfunctioning ignitor ($50-$100 to replace) 3. A faulty wire leading to the ignitor Listed by rarity from least to most.

Can the throttle body on a 1987 Chevy Celebrity cause miss fires when engine is warm?

Misfire is usually caused by faulty spark plug wires or spark plugs or both. I don't see the throttle body causing misfire.

1994 buick lesabre had light come on on panel that says Infl Rest what does this mean?

It stands for Inflatable Restraint sensor might be faulty

How can you tell a bad crank sensor?

A computer diagnostic test will generally tell you if you have a faulty crankshaft position sensor.

Cause of check engine light?

Usually caused by faulty sensors in exhaust system. Could also mean Catalytic converter is plugged/faulty/emissions problem with vehicle

What will cause a misfire in my Pathfinder?

Worn/fouled spark plug(s).Bad spark plug wire(s).Faulty fuel pump.Faulty fuel pressure regulator.Vacuum leak.Faulty fuel injector(s).Contaminated fuel (water).Dirty/plugged fuel filter.

Can a misfire or bucking accur with faulty catalytic converter?

A catalytic converter that has had a melt down and is restricting the exhaust from passing through will cause the engine to lose power on acceleration and on top end. If the cat is damaged bad enough the engine won't run much over an idle and may set a misfire code. You can test for that condition by installing a vacuum gauge to a direct intake manifold vacuum source. The vacuum will decrease as engine speed increases if the cat is plugged.Give us the year, make, model and engine info for more help.

Is there a dash warning on 1995 Suburban for faulty spark plug?

any ignition misfire should turn on check engine light or make it flash

If your engine on your 1989 302 engine has a metalic rattle underneath the car would it be a loose exhaust system or the transmission?

Yes. Also consider catalyst internally broken and rattling. Please desribe quality of sound and conditions. If catalyst is bad, check for misfire and/or faulty distributor stator or excessive amount of engine oil.

Can you drive your car with a faulty manifold?

You can drive a car with any faulty part, but in doing so it will cause more damage to another part somewhere else. With a faulty Exhaust manifold you will be damaging your Valves, and possible your pistons, connecting rods etc...

Would a faulty o2 sensor cause a '93 sidekick to stall?

Yes, a faulty O2 sensor might cause a 1993 Sidekick to stall. It would also cause the car to misfire and use far more gasoline that it needs.