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Will a hardtop from a 1995 Wrangler fit a 1998 Wrangler?

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Not without modification the YJ top is a little different than the TJ

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The 1997 wrangler or jeep hardtop can be replaced by any jeep hardtop from 1997 to 2005. The answer is most probably that a 1995 hardtop will NOT fit a 1997 TJ.

No, there was a body style change in 1997.

It should. A 2005 wrangler hardtop fits a 1997 wrangler.

It should fit as long as neither one is an unlimited

Not without modification, too many changes from YJ to TJ

yes, any top for an 1987-1995 can be switched out

Yes those are both TJ's it will fit

No the 1995 is a YJ and the 2002 is a TJ and need different tops

Not without modification, they are different models of wrangler

Yes those are the same model of wrangler, the top will fit just fine.

NO Tj and YJ are 2 different animals... 95 top will not fot 2004

It certainly will. Go for it!

Yes 87-95 wranglers are all the same

Not without modification, the body changes from the YJ to the TJ models.

No, YJ and TJ tops are not interchangeable

1987-1995 jeep wranglers ... I'm pretty sure they'll fit the CJ7s as well. But I know they WILL NOT fit TJs or JKs.

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