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Will a headlight from a Honda Accord sedan fit a coupe?


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As far as the headlights go, if they look the same, they are the same.

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The 1997 Honda Accord LX (either coupe or sedan) has 130 horsepower.

The 2015 Honda Accord (all trim levels) is 191.4 inches in sedan form, and 189.2 inches in coupe form.

Some new models of Honda cars include: the 2013 Honda Accord Coupe, 2013 Honda Accord Sedan, 2013 Honda Civic Coupe, 2013 Honda Civic Hybrid, 2013 Honda Civic Natural Gas, 2013 Honda Civic Sedan, 2013 Honda CR-Z and 2013 Honda Crosstour.

They should fit as both years are the 3rd generation Accord.

The official Honda website has the owner's manual for the 2000 Honda Accord. It has the manuals for the sedan and the coupe available for download in PDF format.

If it is a coupe there are two. If it is a sedan there are four.

Your question does not specify if your Accord is a coupe or sedan, 4 cylinder or 6 cylinder. So, here's the sizes offered:Accord Coupe or Sedan EX 4 cyl and 6 cyl--205/60/16Accord Coupe EX 6 cyl 6-speed--215/50/17

The 94 Accord EX (SEDAN OR COUPE) has a 2.2 SOHC 145HP V-TEC.

If it is the rear speaker it is 9 x 6 Ovals for the Honda accord coupe 98. should be similar for the sedan.

The towing capacity of the Honda Accord 2002 EX Sedan is 1000 pounds.

All mechanic parts are interchangeable. Of course the doors & rear fenders are not.

What year S500 and is it a sedan or coupe? sl 500 convertible

That is a 2002 Honda Accord EX V6 Sedan.

Assuming we're comparing top trims on either car, and we're also talking the Accord coupe (not the sedan), the Accord would best the Supra by about a second from 0-60.

There are several websites in which one may find reviews of the Honda Accord Euro Sedan. One may search the websites from productreview, carpoint, and honda itself.

Is this a sedan or coupe/convertible? The sedans had the common setup and the coupe/convertibles had the mini-quads.

Written on the driver's door post. Click the link if the placard is missing. I do not have enough information to provide an answer. Coupe, sedan, V6?

2.2 Liter 125 h.p 4 cylinder in the DX, LX, and 10th Anniversary Sedan. 2.2 Liter 140 h.p. 4 cylinder in the SE & EX coupe & sedan.

Coupe? There are little screws on the underside that you'll have to reach under and remove with a small, short screwdriver. Sedan? I believe the grille is part of the bumper.

Yeah, the hoods are the same, just the bumper is slightly different.

Listed on the driver's door post. Correct size is: 205/65-15 Sedan 205/60-16 Coupe

The OEM size on a 1990 Honda Accord Sedan is 185/70-14 tire/wheel except the EX sedan which uses a 195/60-15.

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