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Q: Will a human tooth immersed in cola lose some of its weight?
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Can cola dissolve a human tooth?


Can a tooth disappear in cola?

No it cannot. Mythbusters tested this myth. They let a tooth sit in cola for a long period of time, and they let a tooth sit in phosphoric acid for the same amount of time. The tooth that sat in acid was significantly corroded whereas the tooth that sat in cola was merely stained brown due to the food coloring in cola

What happens to tooth put in cola?

the sugar disovles it

Why does Coca-Cola cause tooth damage?

It really doesn't cause tooth damage. My mom drinks Coca Cola all the time and she's always perfectly fine. Her teeth have never gotten tooth damage.

What are the main reasons for tooth decay?

A lot of people, mothers especially, seem to think that sweets and fizzy drinks are the main cause of tooth decay. Cola is a big one too, thanks to the "Leave a tooth in a cup of Cola and it'll dissolve" experiment. However, Cola is only on your teeth for a short period of time, so it doesn't help a lot to tooth decay. Mainly, it's bad oral hygiene that causes tooth decay.

What are the benefits of Coca-Cola?

Tastes nice, keeps you awake, good marinade for chicken, you can leave a tooth in it overnight to dissolve.

Is diet cola bad for a weight loss program?

Diet cola has no sugar, but caffeine may be unwanted.

Weight of a 12 ounce can of coca-cola?

12.5 ounces full. .5 ounces empty.

Do human hearts make coca cola?

No, they do not make this stimulant.

Is it true Coca-Cola is made by human parts?

no it is not.

Does the coca cola reduce calcium from human body?


Will human vitamins increase the growth of plants?

Yes, but it must be crushed up into a powder, along with a human tooth. and then dissolved into a bottle of coca-cola. Then pour the coke onto the plant. but this only works with fake plants. I'm just kidding. it works with all plants. fake OR real.

What are the benefits of coca cola?

Tastes nice, keeps you awake, good marinade for chicken, you can leave a tooth in it overnight to dissolve.

What is the tactics that Coca-Cola used?

There are many tactics that are used by Coca Cola. These tactics include appealing to the human nature of their customers.

Did people initially drink Coca-Cola?

No, initially coca cola was sold only as a leather-curing agent, to help in the industrial process of "tanning" leathers, and was not considered fit for human consumption.

What is the cola of Joe Jonas tooth brush?

Huh..? Do you mean colour and if you do I don't know. Huh..? Do you mean colour and if you do I don't know.

What will happen to your teeth if you drink a lot of cola drinks?

i think that if you drink dark colored drinks they will start to change the color of the tooth

How much does a liter of cola weigh?

It has no weight, it's french for gimme some f**king cola. In all seriousness, it weighs approx 1.03 kg

Who are the customers of Coca-Cola?

Being one of the most prolific and recognizable brands in the world, Coca-Cola is sold to virtually every human being on the planet. The only countries in which Coca-Cola products are not sold are Cuba and North Korea, due to trade embargoes.

Why does Coca Cola rot your teeth?

There is no scientific evidence that Coca Cola rots anyone's teeth, but that said, it is a sugary soft drink, and there is scientific evidence that too much sugar can eat away at tooth enamel, contributing to decay.

What is cola an elememt or compound?

Cola is an element (atomic weight -54). It was first isolated by Harry S Truman in 1209. It is found in bauxite and is a by-product of tin refinement.

Which is heavier a bottle of fizzy cola or a bottle of flat cola?

A bottle of fizzy cola is heavier. Weight is related to mass. Whenever something loses material and doesn't gain any to replace it, it loses mass. The bottle of fizzy cola has everything the bottle of flat cola has, but the bottle of flat cola has lost some carbon dioxide. Although carbon dioxide is a gas, and doesn't weigh much more than air, the carbon dioxide in cola is compressed and dissolved and is at a higher pressure and density than carbon dioxide at normal atmospheric pressure. Therefore there is a greater mass of it present. However, the difference in weight would still not be great between the fizzy cola and the flat cola, and it would be difficult to detect.

Does deit coke make you gain weight?

Yes, Because the sugars in the cola areartificialand have fattierproteins.

Are there hazarous material stickers on Coca Cola trucks?

I don't think the NFPA diamond has a category for "may cause hyperactive behavior or tooth decay".

Who is the Coca Cola Company's Director of Human Resources?

Cynthia McCague. She is an SVP of the Coca-Cola Company. She has been in this role since 2004 and with the Company for 20 or so years.