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Will a narcissist test you to see if you trust him?

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trust?this one makes me laugh. Because some months ago at work an N "Friend" who had been pursuing me (with lies and charm i never quite fell for) asked me outright in front of his boss. "Who do you trust more, me or him?" .. i pointed to the other fellow and said, "why him of course". N's eyes popped out "WHY!!!?". i told him "Because i know him better than you." He was incredulous and went on to explain that i had known him for three whole years and only knew the other guy barley three months. "How could you after all this time...." blah de blah blah.

Well to make a long sory short I am now in a stable trusting close relationship with the other guy. I completely ignore N. As for that vampire he is at the tail end of a hot affair with a girl half his age... and his WIFE who he thinks no one knows about has cut off his finances and N has been evicted from his previous abode. No one at work trusts him and i have befriended a co-worker that he once tried to turn against me not long after I rejected him.

2011-09-13 17:39:46
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Is it wrong to test your girlfriend to see if you can trust her or not?

You should think about why you are with this person. If you cannot trust her why would you be with her?

Physically abused by a narcissist?

Talk to someone that you trust about it and get help.

Are narcissists liars?

Typically yes. Trust me because I'm a narcissist.

Do girlfriends test you to see if you will break up with them or not?

Depends on the girl. If they don't trust you, then they might try and test you.

Why does she ask if you can trust her?

To test how much you trust her

Can a narcissist kill a pet?

yes, i dont see why not

Where can I study for Progressive Insurance employment test?

Trust me, you don't want to work for Progressive. See

What is the best revenge of a compensatory narcissist?

There is no such thing as a 'compensatory narcissist'. It is a fake term made up by psychopath Sam Vaknin (see Related Links). No Contact with a Narcissist is always best.

Can others who are around a narcissist can their attitudes change in the short time they are around them?

The people around a narcissist becomes filled with hatred eventually- Usually after faling into the trap of thinking they are normal, caring individuals and trust them only to find out that they are character assassins, bullies, predators and abusers. Never trust a narcissist with your secrets, your happiness or your soul because they WILL destroy all of them without a second thought.

What drives a narcissistic abuser?

Narcissist lack empathy lack of feeling heard our feeling sorry for them who are narcissist they feed on pitty the insecurity in relationship drive conversations regarding trust imagnine living it.

Is a test for narcissism reliable?

Of course, that's what its designed to do!! Check the DSM and you will see the you test for these symptoms. If you know a narcissist you have done your own subjective test. I'm sure it would be matched by the objective diagnostic test. My wife agrees, she is a remarkable psychologist and judge of human characterist.

Are narcissists sadistic?

Yes, but not every narcissist would like to see someone tortured physically. The most narcissist just like to see other people suffer from 'not being as good as them'.

Will the narcissist leave his new girlfriend and return to ex wife?

No, but, he will likely dump the girlfriend in time and move on to another victim. Trust me.

Is a narcissist aware of their behavior?

A true narcissist is the center of their own universe. If what you are asking, does a narcissist see that they are being self centered and selfish, the answer is NO. To a narcissist, they are right and the rest of the world is wrong. If they say the sky is red, it is red. A narcissist will even view their needs as the needs of other people. Narcissism is a personality disorder, and therefore is not cureable. So, if you meet a narcissist I would recommend turning and running. Lastly, if you are married to a narcissist and working for a narcissist, my sincere condolences. That is what happened to me. I lost my family, and my career all in one fell swoop when the big midlife crisis hit since we worked all together.

Is property deeded to a trust transferable to a trustee?

Every trust is different. You must review the particular trust to see if the property can be transferred to the trustee.Every trust is different. You must review the particular trust to see if the property can be transferred to the trustee.Every trust is different. You must review the particular trust to see if the property can be transferred to the trustee.Every trust is different. You must review the particular trust to see if the property can be transferred to the trustee.

How do you help someone who is a pathological liar?

You don't. YOU GET AWAY FROM THEM. (see definitions of Narcissist and Sociopath)

Can a narcissist be friends with another narcissist?


What does it mean when your parents dream you passed a test?

It means that they trust you .trust is the biggest thing. they do that is why they dreamt of it.

Why do girls always mess you around?

To test you to see if you are really serious. You need to take charge. Girls want a leader, someone they can trust and rely on.

Your narcissist partner says he hasent cheated on you but you think he has what should you believe?

To believe in him requires you to trust with your heart. But if in your heart you believe otherwise, follow your instinct.

Why can't Narcissists understand the truth as it is instead of believing the truth as they make it up?

The main trait of a narcissist is that they see and perceive things only as they pertain to themselves. So if a commonly held truth doesn't correspond to the view of the narcissist, the narcissist will need to create a version of the truth which does.

Does a narcissist know he's a narcissist?

No, the narcissist does not know, after all he is perfect and everyone else around him is at fault.

What type narcissist stays with another abusive narcissist?

A borderline. Essentially a more emotionally reactive narcissist.

What is the meaning of life is like a test and trust?


A person who test your eyes?

An optometrist?