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Will a saltwater pool using DE for the filter kill fescue grass?


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DE stands for Diatomatous Earth. It is a type of fine powder like material, which I am sure you can see. Other then being believed to be carcinogenic when breathed. It will not kill any types of grasses, even less hardier ones then fescue.

A: However, the resulting buildup on the ground of the D E after it dries can be harmful to your lungs. City codes could prohibit the depositing of D E or pool water onto the ground in any form.


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Partial AnswerCrab Grass can be killed using a product from www.plantmeds.com. They sell a post emergent and a pre-emergent solution. Works great without damaging fescue. Now, Bermuda is another story, and I'm looking for a solution for that....any suggestions.Use Ornemec over the top by PBI/gordan for Zoysia & Tall Fescue grass.

Ornamec over the top by PBI/ Gordan will kill Bermuda in fescue & Zoysia grass. Using it on Fescue is best done in the spring when Bermuda starts actively growing & just before dormancy in the fall. Follow the directions carefully & do not over mix as it can kill fescue. The herbicide will put fescue in stress, but will come back green in about 2weeks or less. Be sure to apply to a healthy stand of fescue that is not already stressed from low water, extreme heat, & soil pH levels.

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