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Will a wild mother cat abandon her kittens if handled by humans?

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In most cases WILD mother cats will abandon their kittens. Mothers cats will abandon the kittens if she senses that the kittens are no longer safe. Human smell on the kittens makes the mother cat want to reject the kitten/s. It is best not to handle the kittens of wild cats, but there are exceptions and that is if the kittens are in danger or possibly harm. Then you may have to move them, but be prepared to adopt and bottle feed the kittens.

2011-05-29 20:58:18
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Q: Will a wild mother cat abandon her kittens if handled by humans?
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Can you pick up your newborn kittens?

Yes, as long as it doesn't stress the mother or the kittens out. You can't hold them for too long, otherwise their bodies will pick up your scent and the mother will abandon them :(

Will your newborn kittens die if touched?

Sometimes if you touch the kittens when they're too young, the mother will smell your scent on them and abandon them. Better to leave them alone.

Will a mother cat harm the other kittens if one of the kittens got killed by unnatural causes?

No, this will not happen. There are only a few, firmly defined, instances where the mother cat's instincts tell her to abandon or drive away her own kittens. How a mother cat treats her kittens is a function of what stage her hormones are in following the birth, combined with her environmental cues. If there are conditions of stress. the mother will drive away her kittens as they grow, so they can establish their own hunting territories. If there is something wrong with one of the kittens, the mother will abandon them so a doomed kitten will not use up resources that will not help them.

Should i keep my cat away from my other cat that's just had kittens?

Yes, it would be a good idea, otherwise the mother may feel threatened and abandon her kittens or the other cats may attack the defenseless kittens and/or the mother.

Will a mother rabbit reject her babies if touched by humans?

no she will not abandon her babies.

Will mother ducks abandon their ducklings if humans touch them?

No. She won't abandon them. But a human mother might, if you handle her children. Don't do it. It pisses moms off, seriously.

Why does a mother cat abandon her kittens?

There are several reasons a queen would abandon her kittens. The most common one is that the kittens are old enough to take care of themselves and the queen has weaned them off. Another reason may be the kittens have been disturbed by humans or predators, and the queen refuses to return to the kittens because of this. A third reason may be the queen hasn't abandoned them - she may simply be out hunting and planning on returning in a few hours. Finally, particularly with feral cats, the queen may have been injured, gotten sick or been killed and is physically unable to return to the kittens.

Will a cat neglect kittens if touched by humans?

You can touch the kittenI wouldn't think so, as the cat around my house just had kittens and I held them from day one. Just be very cautious and respect that they are new babies, No. A cant willnot neglect kittens handled by humans and it will not make the kittens eyes sore, either. Kittens handled by humans lovingly, will most likely make nicer pets.Naomi Babcock :as long as the mother is your cat i can tell you there won't be any problems. all three times I've had a mother cat with kittens i touched, pet, and held them from day one.In fact, with my last cat, i had to help her break open the birth sacks, poor girl was too tired.if the mother cat belongs to you, she knows your scent and your taste (yes, she tastes you when she cleans herself after you pet her) and she will not have any bad response to this smell and taste being on her babies

How are kittens born?

Kittens are born in much the same way as humans are born - the mother delivers them live during labor.They are called kittens because they are small!

Is it normal for Mother kittens to abandon their living kittens to look for the ones that died?

Some mother cats will do just that but not as a rule, they will feel the loss of one of their kittens the same as a human would feel, this is why there is saying that some people use to describe an "unfit mother" Cats make better mothers than her!" not a nice saying , but there it is.

Will the mom cat come back is you touch her kittens?

It greatly depends on the mother cat. Many breeding Queens seem to prefer their human companions nearby, and do not mind if her kittens are touched. However, if a stranger approches or touches the kittens, this will stress the mother out and will likely move the kittens to a different and more safe location. Mother cats are very affectionate over there young and will very rarely abandon them.

How do cheetahs have babies?

The same way we do. Except that mother cheetahs give birth to kittens (cubs), while mother humans give birth to infant humans.

Will a mother cat abandon her grown-up daughter-cat if she has another litter of kittens?

no they help them take care of the young

Are mother cats protective of their kittens?

They are overprotective because they don't want their babies to get hurt just the same as humans. so yup.There is no such thing as being overprotective when you are a mother cat. but a mother cat will protect her kittens.

Why will the momma cat kill the kitten if you touch it right after its born'?

No. I have touched my mother cats kittens right after they were born (July 1 and June 19) and she didn't kill the kittens. Only if the mother cat trusts you and doesn't see you as a threat will she allow you to touch her kittens. If the mother cat growls at you or shows signs of anger towards you, leave the kittens alone.If you can you need to check the new born kittens, when they are born to make sure they are doing fine. One of my mother cats recently had some kittens (3) on July 1, and I found out that the kittens were tangled up in the placenta (after birth) cords. One of the kittens hind leg was pinched with the cord and was causing the leg to swell. The leg was blown up like a balloon, 2-3 times normal. I had to perform immediate surgery to save their lives and the new born kittens leg. The kitten with the swollen leg, its leg is still swollen (July 11), but we are giving it antibiotics and checking it everyday, but it may have to have its leg amputated making it a three legged kitten.I have heard that the mother cat may kill the kittens if they are handled by humans, my mother cats have had many litters and I have handled the kittens. She gets anxious, but she has never killed her kittens.I have noticed, when one of my mother cats feel threatened, the mother cat wants to move her kittens to another location. Not kill them.

Why are cats so afriad?

Most cats who are afraid of humans, are afraid because they were not exposed to them while they were very young. Newborn kittens should be exposed to their humans as soon as the mother will allow. From their first days talking to the mother while gently touching the new kittens will make the kittens more sociable and less fearful when they start moving around away from their mother.

Do feral cats specifically moms with kittens come back to a lair they were scared away from?

It is possible. If a mother feels that her kittens are in danger, she will often come back to carry them away, to a new location. Be sure not to touch/handle the kittens, as this may encourage the mother to abandon them, or even kill them, if she doesn't wish for them to fall prey to a predator.

Will a mother red squirrel harm its baby if returned to her after being handled by humans?

No, that's a fallacy.

Why does Mother cat abandon a kitten?

In some cases the mother cat knows the kitten is dying, such as the runt of the litter, and she abandons it to give her other kittens a better chance of survival. Another reason a mother cat will abandon the kitten is caused by the mother being far too young to have a litter, and therefore abandons a kitten (or all of them) because she is overwhelmed or not know what to do.

A feral cat has delivered kittens in your backyard should you move them in the garage?

First of all, has the mother cat abandoned the kittens? If so, then only move them to your garage if you are prepared to take care of them. Otherwise, take them to a shelter. If the mother has not abandoned the kittens, the choice to move them is yours. Keep in mind, she may abandon them if you touch them. If you want to move them, make sure the mother cat is present and try to keep her with them (take her to your garage as well). It would also be a good idea to approach the mother so she becomes accustomed to you before trying to move them at all. If she is afraid of you, she may attack you if you try to touch her kittens or still abandon them if you succeed in touching them, even if she is present. As before, make sure you are willing to be responsible for them before moving them. Otherwise, you should take the mother and the kittens to a shelter.

How much should guinea pigs be handled as babys?

i Hear its good for them to be handled by humans so they can get that interaction and get used to their environment. The mother shouldn't mind and there should be no worries. !

Will a mother cat abandon her litter of kittens if pregnant with another litter?

A mother cat can't get pregnant for another 6 weeks after giving birth. So she wouldn't really be abandoning her litter they have no need for her milk anymore.

Will mother cat harm her kittens?

mother cats will sometimes harm there kittens if they feel danger.

What is the name of a mother nursing kittens?

Mother cats that are nursing or expecting kittens are called queens.

What is the name of a mother cat nursing kittens?

A mother cat nursing kittens is known as a "queen".