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Will adding a 40 cfm fan at the airbox below the filter help increase air intake in a car engine?


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2004-07-26 10:50:29
2004-07-26 10:50:29

It will help at slow speeds but will hinder the air flow at high speeds. GoodluckJoe


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Reattaching it to your airbox (with the filter) or the engine? And which year and what size engine?

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The engine air filter is under the hood, driver side.The engine air filter is under the hood, driver side.

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petrol-underneath on the front of the engine diesel- ontop, on the right hand side between the engine and airbox

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Between the Airbox (where your filter is), and where it enters the engine.

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remove clips or screws on airbox on drivers side of engine compartment and lift up and pull out the filter, install new filter in reverse order.

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