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Yes it would

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Q: Will an ignition coil fail at a higher rpm under load but not at idle?
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What causes an ignition coil to fail?

Normally heat or vibration.

Ea falcon no spark?

could be distributor, coil or ignition module. usually the ignition modules fail first on them.

Can a cam shaft positioning sensor cause an ignition coil to fail?

yes this does this to stop u from doing damage to the engine

2002 Toyota Corolla number 3 misfire?

most of this problem is ignition coil fail, you can test it by exchange with other one.

Where is the ignition control module on a 96 probe 20L with an external coil?

Inside of distriutor cap under the rotor (pick up stator). Very seldom fail. About 90 us dollars at local parts house.

Will bad ignition coil cause oxygen sensor to fail?

Yes, a bad ignition coil / misfire will cause an unburned mixture of gas/air to go into cat converter which will than combust in it and cause damage to either catalitic converter, oxygen sensor(s) or both. J.Dropic

Why does my ef Ford futura have no spark?

either the coil is cactus or the ignition module. i'd start there. fords have problems cos the coils overheat due to lack of cold air flow and they crack. this usually causes the ignition module to fail. if you change one, you change the other. also bad earths cause ignition modules to fail.

1987 suburban stopped running now has no spark replaced coil cap rotor electronic ignition module in distributor?

I'm not sure I understand your question. The ignition module is suspect in this case and yes, it's under the distributor cap. You may also want to replace the distributor cap and rotor while your at it, they're cheap parts and hair-line cracks in a distributor cap can be hard to detect. If all of these fail I'd look at replacing the coil and coil wire to the distributor.

What is a passing grade?

F is a Fail (under 60%), so a D which is 60% or higher is a pass.

Why does our1986 Celebrity 2.5 have no spark at the spark plugs?

If any part in the ignition circuit is defective it can result in no spark at the spark plugs. Some components to check" The ignition switch could have failed. The engine computer or associated wiring may have failed. The distributor could be bad or have a bad component. The pickup coil may have failed. The ignition module can fail. The rotor or the distributor cap could have failed. The coil may be bad, or associated wiring could have failed. The wire from the coil to the center of the distributor cap can fail. Spark plug wires may need replacement. .

Why does coil burn out on 6 on Ford Escape?

Ignition coilsIgnition coils are very rugged and reliable, but can fail for a variety of reasons. Heat and vibration can damage the coil's windings and insulation causing shorts or opens in the primary or secondary windings. But the number one killer of ignition coils is voltage overload caused by bad spark plugs or plug wires.

Why does 1991 passat splutter and die when engine reachs normal operating temperature and won't start again until engine cools?

Check the ignition coil. At cold coils generally operate properly, when the coil heats a failing unit will start to break down and fail causing misfiring and poor engine operation. Second check for a failing ignition controller in the distributor.

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