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Will car start if one cylinder is flooded with oil?



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Check http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Engine#Modern

Your engine will be destroyed if you try to crank it with too much oil inside a cylinder because the pistons try to compress the contemt of the cylinder (usually air and some petrol) before ignition. Oil can not be compressed and will either stop the engine completely at once or bend something inside engine.

Maybee it is a good idea to call a car repairer?

But I have a suggestion how you can try to remove the oil:I have newer tried this so I don't know if it would be a sucsess but this is what I would have done.1 Remove the spark plug on the actual sylinder.2 Make sure the ignition is off3 Put the car in highest gear (4 or 5 gear)4 One persone has to be inside the car to have full control and to be ready to stop. Remeber brakes are not so good with engine off.5 On a flat space like a parking lot slowly crank the engine by pushing it 2 to 5 meter foreward like you try to start it with empty battery. Make sure you don't drive over someone and are able to stop at any time if in doubt.6 This will make the pistons to move and the oil to be sqeezed out the spark plug hole.7 Clean the engine with a rag so it couldn't catch fire.7 Clean the parking lot so it doesn't look like a mess.8 Add the Sparkplug and sparkwire. 9 Crank the engine normally and see.A small amount like a spoon of oil should not do any harm as far as I know, but will make your engine make blue smoke in a minute or so after starting. If the exhaust dosent look normal after 2-5 minutes something is wrong.

Good luck, mvh Johny

This is only applicable for a manual car with a normal petrol engine and sober driver