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Your engine will be destroyed if you try to crank it with too much oil inside a cylinder because the pistons try to compress the contemt of the cylinder (usually air and some petrol) before ignition. Oil can not be compressed and will either stop the engine completely at once or bend something inside engine.

Maybee it is a good idea to call a car repairer?

But I have a suggestion how you can try to remove the oil:I have newer tried this so I don't know if it would be a sucsess but this is what I would have done.1 Remove the spark plug on the actual sylinder.2 Make sure the ignition is off3 Put the car in highest gear (4 or 5 gear)4 One persone has to be inside the car to have full control and to be ready to stop. Remeber brakes are not so good with engine off.5 On a flat space like a parking lot slowly crank the engine by pushing it 2 to 5 meter foreward like you try to start it with empty battery. Make sure you don't drive over someone and are able to stop at any time if in doubt.6 This will make the pistons to move and the oil to be sqeezed out the spark plug hole.7 Clean the engine with a rag so it couldn't catch fire.7 Clean the parking lot so it doesn't look like a mess.8 Add the Sparkplug and sparkwire. 9 Crank the engine normally and see.A small amount like a spoon of oil should not do any harm as far as I know, but will make your engine make blue smoke in a minute or so after starting. If the exhaust dosent look normal after 2-5 minutes something is wrong.

Good luck, mvh Johny

This is only applicable for a manual car with a normal petrol engine and sober driver


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Why will a car start mixing oil and fuel?

Worn piston rings will allow fuel and oil to seep through between the pistons and the cylinder walls.

What can be wrong when there is gas in the oil and the car wont start?

An injector is probably sticking and causing "wash down". Gasoline can then leak past the cylinder walls and get into the oil. That much fuel in the cylinder will make it impossible to start the engine. I'd also check the fuel pressure regulator

What causes smoke when start engine?

It can be caused by excess oil in you exhaust and also if you have diesel engine it is notorious for smoke. If it is only when you first start the car, the valve seals are leaking. When you shut the car off, oil that is on the valve runs down the stem of the valve and into the cylinder. When you start it next time one or more cylinders have oil in them and it burns the first time that cylinder fires. There isn't enough leakage for it to smoke all the time while driving.

How many quarts of oil does the 2007 4 cylinder Honda Accord take?

When changing the oil and oil filter of a car, it is important to know how much oil to put back in the car. A 2007 4 cylinder Honda Accord takes 4.5 quarts of engine oil.

When oil pump in car is broke will car start?

yes it will start but you dont want to start it.

Will a car start with a blown head gasket?

Yes, unless a cylinder has filled with coolant but, running an engine with coolant mixing with motor oil is not good.

What Necessary Items are needed to change your oil in your car?

An oil pan, tire iron (or crowbar), 5 qts. of oil (the amt. depends on what cylinder your car or truck is) & a car jack

When there is no oil in your car will it start?

it will catch fire because the engin will combust the car instead of the oil

What is the best oil brand for a 4 cylinder car?

What year is this car? I suggest using Pennzoil 10w30.

How much oil does an average 4 cylinder car need?

5 quarts

What could be the problem if your 93 Legacy has a flooded cylinder reeks of gasoline sputters and white smoke comes out the tailpipe?

Answer White smoke is usually from burning coolant in the combustion chamber of a cylinder. I would suspect a cylinder head gasket failure. Usually also will have oil and coolant mixed in the oil pan and possibly the radiator.

Can a car start after water in oil?


If oil is low will the engine eventually stall and not start?

If the oil is low in your car, it can eventually cause your car to stall and not start. It can also kill your engine.

Why is blue smoke coming out of the exhaust after the car sets overnight 1999 Toyota RAV4 but no smoke after car is warmed up?

Oil return lines from head may be partially plugged and oil runs down into cylinder over night - it is burned on start-up

My rx7 floods itself and runs rough once its started?

I had the exact same problem. I own a 1984 Mazda RX-7 GSL-SE and what i did was bought a new starter. A new starter actually will start a flooded RX-7. But if you dont want a new starter then push the car and the car will start. now the rough start is related with the seals and oil. the oil is low or bad and/or you need new seals.

What causes oil to oil the spark plugs in Chevrolet optra car?

This is often a cracked head gasket between oil passage and a cylinder.

What are the symptoms of a bad cylinder in a car?

A "Bad cylinder" or "dead cylinder" is a cylinder with Low compression psi. Symptoms: rough running low power can cause high oil consumption

Where is the starter location -93 topaz 4-cylinder?

Looking at the front of the car, down around the oil filter.

How much oil does a optima 4 cylinder take?

my car dealer suggest 5qt

Does a car start if injectors are blocked with oil?

if you have engine oil in your fuel injectors then you have bigger problems then your car not starting..

What kind of oil is used for 2002 escort?

Most 4 cylinder car manufacturers recommend using 5W30 oil.

Where is oil filter on 2007 mercury milan 4-cylinder?

There is a clearly labeled cover over the general area of the oil filter behind the cross member on the underside of the car.

Where is the oil drain on a 2002 dodge stratus?

on the 4 cylinder its on the side of the oil pan facing the rear of the car. not sure about the v6

What is the difference between an oil free compressor an oil flooded compressor?

The main difference between an oil free compressor and an oil flooded compressor is the method of injection to compress the air for mechanical equipment, most common being construction equipment. In the oil free compressor, air is injected with screws while an oil flooded compressor uses oil injected into the holes to create a seal.

94 suburban wont start after roll over?

Battery connections came loose. Oil flooded cylinders. Something came loose.

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