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An injector is probably sticking and causing "wash down". Gasoline can then leak past the cylinder walls and get into the oil. That much fuel in the cylinder will make it impossible to start the engine. I'd also check the fuel pressure regulator

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โˆ™ 2007-11-24 16:05:15
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Q: What can be wrong when there is gas in the oil and the car wont start?
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Why wont my Mitsubishi galant won't start?

I have a 2010 mitsubishi galant i have to push the gas to start the car what's wrong

Your car wont start it sounds like it is not getting gas what is wrong?

What vehicle is this on? Fuel injected or carburator? Engine size?

Car wont start after running out of gas?

If your car won\'t start after running out of gas it could be that the fuel pump was damaged.

Car wont start after running out of gas any ideas?

put gas in it!

Your Mitsubishi 3000gt wont start?

Seriously? More information would get you a better answer. - flat battery - aliens have zapped your car - it's not your car and you have the wrong key - no gas

When i Added gas to your car and now it wont start?

Don’t no

When you start your car in the morning it wont stay running you have to hold the gas down What is wrong?

If your car has the check engine on it could be your fuel pressure regulator located on your fuel rail..

Your car died so you kept tring to start it not realizing that it was out of gas but now that you have gas in it it still wont start?

dead battery?

All your lights come on but your car wont start. what could it be?

out of gas prbably

What is wrong when your engine will not start?

You need gas in the car or a new engine that has to be fixed in the car.When someting is wrong with the engine, there's something wrong with the car.

Car wont start gets gas got no fire96 intrepid?

check the ignition module

What reasons can cause a car not to start?

Dead battery and no gas are near the top of the list. There is also the possiblilty that you are in the wrong car so the key wont work. And since many cars have computers now there are many things related to that too.

2004 Chevrolet Tahoe...Car ran out of gas and wont restart up.?

If you already put gas on the car and still don't start you need to put a little gas on the gas filter. That make the car start right away. Is because it take a while fot the gas to go up went the car was totaly dry. Try it work...

Ran out of gas now car wont start?

Replace the fuel filter as it is more than likely clogged.

Why wont your car start after running out of gas if it has gas in it now?

Because the engine may need to be flushed because trash has gotten into the tail pipe.

Car is cranking did not start and you smell gas What is wrong?

I'm extremely sorry that I can't answer this, but i recommend you take the car to a garage, somehow.

93 new yorker car wont start after running out of gas no spark on black box?

maybe an ECU problem

Ran out of gas now wont start?

push start it

What could be wrong with a truck that has a charged battery with gas but wont start?

It can be many things so with our more information it is hard to say. If it has gas then it more than likely does not have spark.

Does it take a gallon of gas to start a car?

No it does not take a gallon of gass to start a car. To start a car it doesn't use any gas.

Your car wont start is it getting gas 1998 Q 45 is the fuel pump gone out?

you should take a fuel line out ,where the filter is at, and check if it squirts out gas ........

What is the cost per gallon for gas for a nuclear powered car?

if the car is nuclear powered you wont need gas

Why your 97 Kia Sephia wont start?

When a car won't start the first thing to check is the battery. If it is not the battery then check the gas. If neither are the issue call a mechanic.

If you use wrong gas in car can that make car smell like gas?

probably not you have a gas line leak

Your 2008 navigator won't start ran out of gas?

my 2008 navigator wont start after runing out of gas