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What vehicle is this on? Fuel injected or carburator? Engine size?

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โˆ™ 2006-10-02 13:34:55
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Q: Your car wont start it sounds like it is not getting gas what is wrong?
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When you start my truck it keeps stalling what could be wrong?

sounds like the choke is not working correctly

Why wont your 85 bronco start without starting fluid?

sounds like its not getting fuel

Why is the only way to start 1994 escort engine will not turn over is to push start what is wrong?

Sounds like you need a new starter!

What is wrong with a car when it won't start it just makes clicking sound and the belt is rolling?

Sounds like the starter

When you try to start your 2001 jeep grand Cherokee all it does is click What is wrong?

Sounds like a low battery.

2000 Malibu it run but when you push gas it dies What is wrong?

check fuel filter,sounds like your not getting fuel,

What is wrong if a ford escort runs for a minute and then slows down as if running out of gas?

It sounds like your carburetor is getting clogged.

What is wrong when my 1999 Honda accord c licks and won't start?

sounds to me like the starter is can either replace it or smack it with a hammer to see if it will start

How do you fix a washer machine?

By diagnosing what is exactly wrong with it like getting into a car that wont start

Your aurora just clicks when you try to start it?

It sounds like you may have a dead battery. Have you tried getting a jump?

What wrong when evaporator and condenser fans runs but compressor clicks trying to start on refrigerator?

It's sounds like your low on freon.

The engine tries to start but still wont start?

It sounds like its not getting fuel. Could be clogged fuel filter or bad fuel pump.

Why will your Volvo start with startting fluid but will not start without it?

Your not getting any fuel to the engine.You can try a fuel filter,but sounds like a bad fuel pump to me.

You are drinking alcohol and start throwing up blood what is wrong?

Sounds like you got an ulcer - you should immediately schedule a check up at the doctors.

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What is wrong with your pet turtles if there shells are getting spots on them?

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When I start my 2002 ford Taurus sometimes I think it gets too much gas and sounds like misfires and code says misfires on first 1000 revolutions if I let it warm up for a bit doesn't seem to be as?

Seems when I start 2002 ford Taurus sometimes it seems like getting to much gas at the start..sounds like it floods and check engine light comes on with misfire at first 1000 revolution. What could be wrong?

Why would a 1986 Calais GT die but start back up after about 5 minutes?

sounds like the coilpack may be getting hot

What is wrong when battery charged but wont start and no power comes on with a 1996 ford ranger xlt?

Sounds like either loose or corroded battery terminal or bad fuseable like

What is wrong with a 1993 Ford Probe when white smoke comes out of the muffler at 50 mph?

Coolant is getting into the combustion chamber. Sounds like a head gasket problem.

How does an instrument make different sounds?

Sounds start with a vibration, the bigger the vibration the louder the sound. One particle stars to vibrate and then the next one does as well like there one by one getting the bug!

What could be wrong when your 1989 cr 125 will not kick start yet there is compression but will push start but then will bogg out until it stops running?

Sounds like you are low on compression. should be 120-130 psi>

Your 2002 Nissan altima is getting hard to start at times it acts like it is trying to flood out and sometimes notice the smell of gas?

sounds like the cat is blocked in the exaust

Why would a 4.6 1994 Lincoln Town Car Turn Over but not start and sounds like it is not getting any gas?

it may be the fuel pump

Your car will only start with starting fluid put wont stay running?

Sounds like no gas is getting to the carb. Fuel pump maybe.